Website Transformation to be Proud of.


website transformation

Are you in a situation where you have no website, no list and no sales? 

But you would really like to!

Maybe your business is slowly drying up because you feel it’s impossible to get your message out and how you can share it with other people online.

Every day you find yourself scanning your emails looking for solutions to your traffic problems. Or to find some software that will make your problems disappear.

Furthermore, you take on every shiny new product that promises you the world but somehow fails to deliver. Spending money you probably don’t really have and getting nowhere in the process.

In the end you’re left with no real business and nothing of any value.

Having spent hours upon hours of your spare time building something that you hoped would give you the freedom and independence you so honestly long for.

It’s a grim situation to be in and l know this, because for many years l lived in that space.

Feeling very alone and confused as to what l should do and how l was going to ever achieve my goals. I searched for every possible clue that would enable me to build a business online that might be sustainable.

Something that l could create and develop for myself and my family.

Knowing that one day l could walk up to my boss and proudly say I’m leaving. Because the money l make online far out ways the money l make here. I could start working from home instead of working incredibly long hours, suffering torturous long drives to and from work whilst missing valuable time with my family. 

I thought long and hard on this. I believed in myself that there’s got to be a better way….


And there is….

Website transformation is possible and it can be all that you hope it to be.

l would like to share it with you.


Here is what l found

Let’s consider for one moment and imagine having a website that you are really proud of.

Where you’re building a list of quality visitors and customers who look forward to your emails and the products you have to offer.

At this moment you have the sense of empowerment and you can share openly from your experiences and make helpful recommendations.

You have a razor sharp focus on marketing automation and sales funnels.  You measure conversions in order to improve your return on investment.

You are establishing a real business and building real assets. For the first time you see money coming into your bank account, you can begin to breathe again.



What I discovered was complete transformation can be achieved when you follow a proven and successful road-map.

Your website transformation can become a reality if you follow the people who have been before you and have successfully walked the path.

The same one you might be on right now. 

Knowing and understanding your customers on a deep, emotional level is truly the beginning of successful marketing.

If you want to really sell your products, if you want to build a business that brings in six (or seven) figures each and every year …

Then you need to be prepared and get to know your customers better than anyone else in your marketplace. In fact, you should know your customers better than their know themselves.


Better than your customers even know themselves.

It’s a cool concept…


If you have not made your first sale yet: You should know and understand who your ideal customer is.

Believe it or not: It’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Understanding your customers’ problems is really not that difficult. Most people don’t spend much time thinking about their problems.

They certainly don’t spend any significant time thinking through all the vast implications of those problems. Or even how a single problem may be affecting all other areas of their lives. As a business owner, that’s something you should be doing. 

And I would encourage you to give this some serious thought.


  • What are your ideal customers’ problems?
  • What are all the wide-spread symptoms of those problems?
  • What kind of life do they have as they’re living with those problems?
  • What emotions are triggered on a regular basis because they have this problem?


If you’re having trouble thinking this through, I’ve found the best starting point for understanding your prospect’s problems is YOU.


Your own experience.

Think about it.

You’re in your business for a reason.

In all likelihood, you’ve struggled and overcome many of the conflicts your prospect are struggling with right now.

You’ve probably felt the same feelings and experienced the same emotions that your prospect lives with every day.

Your own fears, your own hopes, your own struggles, and your own frustrations are probably very close to most others in your niche or market.


Keep in mind:

A problem you’re struggling with right now may be how you can reach your target audience this year.

The ultimate goal is to use this experience for more than the usual who-is-buying-what?


Instead, use it as a way to understand the full scope of a customer’s problem, which can create opportunities to sell them a broader, more integrated set of products or services.

Or to simply be more confident that you know what their issues are, and you’re as relevant to them as ever before.

Identifying customer needs and wants isn’t hard, but it does take some work.

Peter Drucker, a famous management consultant and author said it best:

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”


It’s important to understand your target audience and their problems – totally.

Make sure that identifying customer needs is a very high priority.

These are some of the questions you may need to clearly answer:


  • What is the problem you are solving?
  • Who has the problem?
  • Why do they have the problem?
  • Is the problem worth solving for your audience, why is it compelling?
  • How many have this problem, how big is the market?
  • What information are you relying on to ‘prove’ that your market exists, is large enough, and will buy from you?
  • How much is your audience willing to pay to solve their problem?
  • What metrics do these customers use to measure success?


So who is Your Perfect Customer?

Every time you try to sell things online you should be thinking about your customers. 

And when it comes to driving traffic to a website there are really only two choices. 

You will either earn the traffic or buy the traffic.

Because you need to make every minute count (and every dollar) you need to understand what an avatar is and why it is vital that you use one.

So you can identify and establish who your perfect customers are


What is an Avatar?

Simply it’s a representation of your ideal customer.

Professional marketers begin with the person, the avatar. And once they have that they know they can sell him or her products and services.

Most people you reach online are going to buy something. And they are going to buy it from someone.

The real trick to succeeding online is to make sure they are buying it from you!

And starting with an avatar is the best way to make that happen.

There are five major features you can use to begin understanding exactly who might want to buy what you sell.


1 – Begin with the Basics

Define some basic information meaning the demographics, location, age, educational status, general income and occupation about your ideal customer.

2 – Goals and Values

Write down what you believe they are aiming for in life.

  3 – Where do they get their Information?

In this step, you want to imagine where they might be getting their information and who they might consider as an authority.

When determining your avatar’s authority figures, you might want to identify.

  • Books they read.
  • Blogs they read.
  • News shows they watch.
  • Social media channels they use.
  • Magazines or ezines they read.
  • Celebrities or gurus they follow.
  • Television shows or channels they watch.


4 – Where is their Pain?

People buy things because they want or need them. And they most often buy them to solve a problem they have.

Two very simple, but profoundly important, items to consider are.

  • What are their challenges?
  • What are their pain points?


5 – Do they fit the M.A.N Principle?

The M.A.N. principle stands for MONEY, AUTHORITY, and NEED.

They must be able to pay for what you sell. That’s money!

They must be able to place the order without consulting others. That’s authority!

And they must feel a requirement for what you are offering. That’s need.


The more you know your (customer profile) the easier it will become to know if they are buying other products, what they are searching for and who they follow online. Knowing and understanding your customers on a deep, emotional level is truly the beginning of successful marketing.

Charlie Page writes “The more you know about your perfect customer (your avatar) the better.”


Because you will go to work thinking about them. You will want the best for them. You will want to serve them. And you will begin to recognize them online.

You will build a strong foundation for success if you make identifying customer needs a major priority.

And your website transformation will be complete.

The whole process here can take years of self discovery and trial and error. It will frustrate you to the edge of existence and demand patience, courage and determination.


Fortunately for me there was someone l found who knew exactly what l was going through. Someone who not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. Due to his expertise and the authority he holds in his niche l was able to attach myself to a success road-map that I have followed.

And it has given me that confidence and understanding to know that I am on the right track to a successful online business. Furthermore, it saved me so much time and money in the process. There are no more distractions that interfere with my focus and plan.


And l wish that for you too….

For more information on how to create a profitable marketing business, follow the road to success…

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