The Amazing Solo Ads in Ezine Advertising

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A vital aspect of ezine advertising is the concept of solo ads. People who use the internet for a variety of purposes have an email id as well. Therefore, the term ‘email marketing’ should not be a new one for such people. This brings us to another concept of email marketing known as Ezine advertising.

The basics:

Many people would not be aware of the Ezines. In fact, the word ‘Ezine’ is the short form of E-magazine. The E-magazine is an electronic magazine containing similar information to what you would have in a regular print magazine. The only difference would be that the Ezine would be in a virtual format as compared to a real magazine.

Use of the Ezine:

The basic use of the Ezine is not different in any way from the regular magazine. The Ezine supplies the necessary information on a variety of subjects in a virtual form. Just as the regular magazine has advertisements, the Ezine can also have advertisements. Therefore, the business enterprises can use these ezines for promoting their products.

The reach of the Ezine:

These ezines are free newsletters distributed among subscribers who order for the same based on their preferences. Thus, you can say that these ezines cater to various specific niches. We can rake the example of an educational niche. Students searching for admission to various colleges may subscribe to websites that can offer them the required information at a single place. These newsletters can have links in them that could direct the students to the official websites of the universities. In this way, the student would be able to know more about the university from these newsletters.

Business enterprises having their products in this niche can easily advertise in this Ezine. The examples of such businesses could be the coaching classes, the travel agents, the educational consultants, etc. This Ezine advertise form is gaining in popularity over the last twenty years. In fact, it has grown exponentially over the last five years.

How do you choose the Ezine?

The best way to choose the Ezine is to check out the niche it caters. If the same matches with that of your product, this Ezine would be perfect for you. There would be many ezines catering to the same niche. You can find these details from the Ezine directories available all over the internet.

While searching for the Ezine directory to post your Ezine ads, you have to be careful. You should avoid the ezines having a high ratio of content and advertisements. People do not have time to pore over many screens.  

Inserting your ads in ezines having similar other ads would be of great benefit to you. It would offer a choice to the client as well.

You should also consider the cost factor. There are many free Ezine advertising campaigns. However, you should note that the sponsored ads could have a better effect.

There is no concept of a free lunch in today’s competitive world. In fact, there should not be one in any case. Anything given free would come with an obligation. This could affect the quality. The same applies to advertising campaigns as well. The moment you allow free ads on your Ezine, you would find hundreds of people responding to the same.

This would result in huge amount of junk. Therefore, a business enterprise should avoid inserting his Ezine ads in a free Ezine. It is always better to pay money and have a solo ad campaign rather than go for a free listing and compete with junk material.

The solo ads concept:

Through this article, we shall see the solo ad concept. The very name suggests that the page will not contain any advertisement other than yours. In this way, you can have the complete attention of the customer. Hence, the longer the customer stays on the page, the larger is the chance of conversion of the lead.

This would be possible as there would not be other advertisements to distract his attention. Such solo ad campaigns can generate the maximum income. Therefore, they would be the most expensive of your all the Ezine advertising service.

The requirements for a solo ads campaign:

Any solo ad campaign would require the following pre-requisites.

  • The premier requirement is for an opt-in page to drive the traffic.
  • You need a click tracking system as well to track the number of clicks your ads generate.
  • The Sales Funnel is an important concept. This should include a Post Opt-in page for ensuring that the subscriber has taken action and opted for inclusion in your list.
  • The customers would require immediate response to their queries. The Auto-responder function should form an important concept of your solo ad campaign.
  • You should have an email sample ready as well, that would go to the customer.

 When should you use these ads?

The only occasion you should use the campaign is to drive the traffic to your opt-in page. You should be careful in case you are promoting the sales page of an affiliate.

The purpose of using these ads:

The main advantage of these ads is the conversion factor. These ad campaigns cost money. Naturally, you would like to maximize the revenue. These solo ads can generate the revenue for you.

The benefits of a solo ad campaign:

  • The biggest benefit of the solo ad campaign is that it is easy to use. It is very beneficial for people who have just started their business. The solo ads can help you in building your own mailing list.
  • You get a guaranteed amount of traffic to your website when you use the solo ad campaign. You have access to various customers who have an interest in your product. This can improve the conversion rates.
  • You have flexible options, as the ads are a cost-effective option.

Final thoughts:

The solo ads campaign is an important aspect of the Ezine advertising. New businesses can take advantage of this concept.


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