And what aren’t they telling you about solo ads!


solo ads


I’m sure you have heard about these ads by now. It seems that every business opportunity or Internet marketing course out there all say the same things.


Know why they say to do that? Because solo ads work!

But here’s what they DO NOT tell you.

  • They don’t tell you HOW to write them.
  • They don’t tell you WHERE to place them.
  • They don’t tell you HOW MUCH to pay for them.


The lessons I’ve learnt in the Directory of Ezines are amazing!




They taught me

HOW to write a Successful solo ad!

The GOOD NEWS is if l can write a solo ad then anyone can write a solo ad too.

In fact, let me GIVE YOU a secret that I learned.

There are SIX elements to a profitable solo ad.

Miss ANY OF THEM and your ad will be weak.

And weak ads don’t get clicks.

Here are the six parts of a solo ad.

  1. The headline
  2. The claim
  3. The benefits
  4. The reason why
  5. The proof
  6. The call to action


Now … HOW do you use those to YOUR advantage?

You can find out RIGHT NOW in the member’s area of Directory of Ezines.

AND you can get Charlie page to help with your solo ads

AND assist you with writing your first solo ad for free!

Is Directory of Ezines worth the money?

Only if you want your ads to work!


Here’s the link to solo ad success.


Learn from the master who walks the walk and talks the talk.



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