Solo Ads Can Take Your Internet Business to the Next Level


solo ads


Solo advertising is one of the fastest and easiest forms of marketing strategies you can use to turbo charge your internet business, and build a strong mailing list. 

For anyone starting out, using this form of advertising its an excellent way to begin developing your online business.

Understandably, it is not a free strategy, nevertheless you can start creating your list with solo ads on a small budget and still get great results. It also means that you are in command of generating traffic to your offer.

One of the biggest obstacles you will encounter will be the challenge of generating leads and developing your list. If you have been online for a while, you will have heard the common expression “the money is in the list”. In addition to this I believe that “Your money is actually in the relationship you have with your list”.

If you have no list and no relationships or connections, you simply have no business. You may have the greatest selling opportunity or product, or some precious information that could help a lot of people but without a solid mailing list nobody may know.

So, what exactly are they?

Solo ads are basically, the opportunity to market your product to somebody else’s list for a price. They have completed all the hard work in building a list and are now providing you with the chance to purchase an ad in order for you to create your own list. Any subscribers you receive as a result of your solo ad are yours.

The most common way to pay for a solo ad, is by purchasing a certain number of clicks, this is a great way to get your list and your business started.

Where Can You Buy Them?

There are many places where you can purchase these ads, however Google is the place to start. Simply search the term “Internet marketing Solo ads” (replace internet marketing with your niche in this example) and you will find a large array of solo ad providers.

On the other hand you could search for or They represent very good value for money, clearly though, do your own analysis and due diligence before buying and ads.

When searching for a solo ad publisher there are some things that you need to ascertain:

1) Make sure of the Demographics and Relevance of your Mailings.

For instance, you don’t want to purchase a solo ad to a list of car mechanics if your offer is all about knitting. In addition, make sure your solo ad isn’t sent to a list that has been excessively marketed.

There are a number of diverse views on whether you promote everyday or monthly. Some marketers email every day to their list, whilst some once a week, and others monthly. So be careful in your examination of this and work within your limitations.

The most essential point is that you are sending to an interested list where you have the best likelihood your solo ad is opened and your link clicked.

2) Testimonials.

When searching for a preferred solo ad publisher, make sure there are ample testimonials accessible on the website (video testimonials are even better) where previous or regular buyers have left their contact details. Lots of testimonials and recommendations mean that the solo ad publisher is providing a good quality service to their clients.

3) Buyers or Prospects.

Clearly you need to recognize that the list you are sending to is either a list of buyers or a list of prospects. A buyers list is the best; however as a list builder, its important to begin with a free helpful gift or offer first.

The key focus is building trust within your mailing list by giving value and your internet business will grow at an unbelievable rate.

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