The Benefits of Solo Ads Advertising


solo ads


An important method of online marketing is through the use of Solo ads advertising. In this form of advertising you can use an email list created by someone else to send to and as a result promote your own business.

It’s called a solo because the only or ‘solo’ promotion that you do here is your ad and nothing else. Generally the people to whom these emails reach are used to opening such emails and thus the traffic that you get is good. However, it last only for few days after you have paid for an email list.


So, what are the benefits of Ezines


  • Implementation of this marketing technique is easy

The implementation of Solo ads is quite simple where you buy an email list and send your email to them. This email blast will let many people know about your product or services.

Now, before starting this ad campaign you must find a good vendor in your niche. They should have a large list of genuine and active subscribers. Then you can prepare your enticing email and pay your vendor to blast your solo to their list.

  • Large list of subscribers

The first benefit of solo ads advertising is a large number of subscribers. But you must pay for it. If you have just started building your own email list, then this type of advertising campaign is ideal for you.

  •  Guaranteed Traffic to your Campaign

When the solo ads have an active mailing list and the subscribers are used to getting such emails, the traffic quality will be good and the chances of visibility are quite high as the subscriber have a genuine interest in the product of your niche. Therefore the chances of generating more traffic that will visit your website is high.

  • Flexible pricing options

When using solo ads you may find flexible pricing options. While the agreement with the vendor is negotiable, you can normally choose from fixed pricing or a performance based payment. Whatever way to decide to pay, only pay up after achieving the desired results.


You may find with solo ads that you can reach your targeted traffic quickly. And establishing an active and genuine list of subscribers may not take as long as you think. It so important to choose a good reliable vendor within your niche and you can start your advertising campaign and build a solid email list.


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