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Buying this type of Advertising

1)  To begin your campaign, make sure you have everything ready. There’s no point hunting for sellers if you don’t have your sales funnel ready. So to begin your Solo ad Advertising campaign we need.


  • The opt in page: your optin page is in place to drive traffic to.
  • Click tracking: use a click tracking service to determine how many clicks are actually being sent to your offer.
  • Sales Funnel set up: the least amount your funnel must include is an optin page and a POP (Post Optin Page, sometimes called a Thank You Page). The POP is extremely important page for the reason that a subscriber has just taken action and opted in to your list.
  • Autoresponder pre-schedule emails: the substance of the autoresponder emails will fluctuate with the landing page you’ve created.
  • Email swipe: this is a sample email that you will give to the seller.


Where Do you Find Sellers

2)  Once you have everything ready, it’s time to find sellers for your offer, product or service.

Make contact

3)  Make contact with a solo ad seller who is willing to send you click within an agreed timeframe. Most sellers will need a payment straight away, mostly via PayPal.

Most sellers have several click packages; for instance one may be 1000 clicks at 45 cents a click. So the total you have to pay is $450.

Review it

4) Most sellers will also request the opt in page URL so that they review it before they obtain a payment from you. Perhaps they may not like it and don’t want to email their list about it.

There are normally terms and conditions under which solo ads are accepted. In fact, some sellers will also evaluate your optin page for free and give you ideas for enhancement.

There is a great deal of factors that determine conversion rate of an optin page. Headlines, CTA, colors, background all play an important part in the overall impression of the opt in page.

You ought to always do your best to improve your conversion rate.

Keep Communication channels Open

5) After you’ve made payment, you will send the email swipe to the seller and establish repose with them. It’s always good to chat with the sellers.

Most are experienced and have been in the email marketing business for some time. This can lead to other opportunities, so keep your communication channels open.

Tracking your URL

6) The majority of them will provide you a tracking URL to verify the results in real time. That page will include the stats of your ad.

Attributes Of the Best Providers

There are plenty of sellers particularly in the internet marketing niche, so here are some items to be aware of so you can identify the best ones to use

Tier-I Traffic

This is one of the principal aspects of buying a solo ad. You want sellers with at least 80% Tier-I click. The rationale for that is straightforward: People in Tier-I countries are much more qualified to buy your products and or services.

Tier-I countries include these five countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Naturally, this doesn’t matter if your intended market is a different country.

Delivery Time

You desire your clicks to be delivered on time. If you’re promoting a product launch that’s running from April 5 to April 10 and you place an order for clicks on say, April 1st.

If the seller delivers clicks on April 12th, then it will be devastating to your campaign.

Many sellers maintain a stringent mailing calendar and they will inform you if they can drive traffic in the requested time

frame or not.

Response Time

 Solo ad providers who are professional in their business will be prompt in replying to questions and requests. However, a good time-frame to expect a reply is normally 2 – 3 business days.

If you get a reply within that time-frame, you can be sure that they are serious about their business. It also depends on the number of clients the seller may have on their list as well.

Good Reviews

With the commencement of marketplaces and networks in the advertising industry, verified customer reviews, especially good reviews really add substance to your campaign.

Reviews are important.

Most of the marketplaces will have evaluations of solo ad sellers from many buyers. And it’s important to browse through the reviews ahead of placing an order.

If you’re visiting a website of a seller, then read through the testimonials to see who you are dealing with. If they don’t have any testimonials, then move onto one that does.

 If you’re buying solo ads through Facebook groups, then pay attention to sellers who have numerous testimonials from buyers.

Many buyers will also state whether their ad purchase resulted in actual sales or not. They’re the sellers you want who can drive sales.

When to Use Solo Ads

Only utilize these ad’s to drive traffic to optin pages. In fact, be careful when you request promoting a sales page of an affiliate offer and also to my own product’s sales page –they may well be refused.

The reason is plain – They just work more efficiently with optin pages.

The subscribers on the seller’s email list are accustomed to receiving giveaways and they don’t mind entering their email address for something they might value. The result is a higher conversion rate for you and the added approval from the seller in the email also greatly assists your campaign.

Why use them?

Conversion or ROI is vital to the success of your business. You need the best conversions for the money you spend every time.

Rather than experimenting with a lot of traffic sources – remain faithful to one resource that works for you.

There are many reasons why these ads convert better than alternative traffic sources

Recommendation from the seller

Email lists are like your personal network of people. You have a connection with them.

Your subscribers become enthusiastic when they receive your emails. They know who you are and they are on your list for a reason. They appreciate you and what you offer.

They have given you their approval. If they haven’t, they would most certainly unsubscribe.

When you send an email recommending an optin page to your list, their normally get excited and when they click the link, they are already expecting to see an optin form on the other side.


The email swipe that you send out to the seller will certainly have some information concerning you and also your deal. So individuals reviewing that e-mail will certainly be pre-sold as well as prepared to do something about it when they click the web link because e-mail.

That’s why e-mail swipes are essential. Obviously, it goes to the discernment of the vendor to change the swipe due to the fact that they need to blast it bent on their checklist.

If you intended to acquire an advertisement from me, I would certainly inspect the message of the swipe; modify it since I have my very own means of speaking with my checklist, then send it out.

All the same, the e-mail pre-sells your optin web page to a group of starving details applicants. Which brings me to the following factor…?

Considering that the seller is used to sending e-mails to his listing.

Sales Funnels That Work Amazing 

Solo ad’s function well with certain sales funnels. And also considering that there’s cash included, it is necessary to get the essentials right. Although I have actually experimented  I have actually recognized that there are 4 kinds of funnels that function really well with advertisements

  1. Clicks to opt in web page – POP with free gift and also pre-selling an affiliate deal – Free gift in the very first auto responder as well as advertising the affiliate deal future emails.
  2. Clicks to opt in web page – Direct via link to affiliate offer – Free gift shipping in the very first email as well as advertising affiliate deal in future emails.
  3. Clicks to opt in web page – Branding on POP with video clip as well as free gift shipping. The POP will advertise your very own product/affiliate item using the free gift. – Free gift shipping in the initial emails and also acquire your personal offer in future autoresponder e-mails.
  4. Clicks to opt in web page – your very own item’s sales web page – Free gift distribution in the initial autoresponder as well as your own offer in future autoresponder e-mails.


Directories and Marketplaces

Buying and selling ads

You can both visit a marketplace, or a Facebook group, or locate sellers individually. All these marketplaces are really straightforward to get started with.

You basically create an account and then surf the listings for solo ad sellers, and send off your order. If you’re a seller, then signup and create you’re listing.

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