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Reed Floren and ezine advertising expert defines what are solo ads, why buy them, why sell them and who are the best sellers online are plus a comprehensive list for you to chose from.

Reed Floren has spent thousands of dollars testing various online sellers to see who consistently provides the best opt in rates for your dollar. The sellers listed below are his TOP 5 recommendations, you will be able to see the review which shows how their service converted, how much he paid and how much ended up being paying per lead.

His unbiased reviews and he has turned down funds to advertise on this site so you can be assured to get the truth.


What’s a Solo Ad?

Solo ads are an effective manner of email advertising. They’re delivered to a specific audience of double opt-in subscribers who have given their express permission to be emailed with offers that they’re interested in.

These emails include one stand-alone advertisement which results in a higher chance of them being read and clicked on to visit the advertised web site.



  • Quickly reach a high number of potential customers
  • Attention on ONE offer.
  • Not spam because, usually, solo ads lists are 100% double opt-in, and they’re CAN-SPAM compliant, usually they include an unsubscribe link for the subscriber.
  • Short and compact email body attracts reader’s attentions.
  • Lists are generally for English-speaking subscribers from countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand and usually cleaned of bouncing
  • Emails list is often updated with new (fresh) subscribers.
  • Plain text or HTML format including graphics, colors, and fonts which make ads stand out from the crowd.

They allow you to buy a mailing to another marketers list. They promote your offer in exchange for an upfront payment.


Why Buy Solo Ads?

Very fast way to build a list and if you have a high converting offer it can be profitable from the start.

  • Generate leads by promoting a splash page with an opt-in form that builds your lists automatically.
  • Drive traffic to your website to increase the popularity and page ranking.
  • Improve your company brand popularity.
  • Announce new products and service.
  • Send special discounts or time-limited offers.
  • Create interest in your MLM program to build a down-line of members/subscribers that may generate a residual income for you.


Why Sell Solo Ads?

Upfront cash, no waiting for affiliate payouts. As long as you hit the clicks you guarantee to send you won’t have any refunds.

  • Certify the quality of the clicks they sell.
  • Share real-time reports with their customers.
  • Use advanced redirect to block clicks after they reach the cap.

Solo Ad Sellers

1. Andrea Fulton

He bought a solo ad from Andrea Fulton for 500 clicks at $165 or $0.33 a click

She promoted Floren’s  Top Plugins for WordPress site

Here are the results …

563 clicks (63 extra) 158 opt ins for a 28% conversion rate and a cost per subscriber of $1.04

Go here to buy a solo ad from Andrea Fulton


2. Angelo Sayson

Floren bought a solo from Angelo Sayson for 200 clicks for $56 or $0.28 a click.

He promoted my Top Plugins for WordPress site.

I got 241 clicks (41 extra) 99 optins for a 41% conversion rate or a cost per new subscriber of $0.57

I’d recommend buying an ad from Angelo.

Have you bought an ad from him? Post your results below.

Go here to buy one from Angelo Sayson


3. Anthony Tilley

Reed bought an ad from Anthony Tilley for 250 clicks at $95 or $0.38 a click.

Anthony sent 278 clicks (28 extra) and I got 91 new subscribers for a optin rate of 33% or a cost per subscriber of $1.04

Go here to buy from Anthony Tilley


4. Atheer Fendi

A solo ad from Atheer Fendi for 250 clicks for $75 or $0.30 a click.

I got 302 clicks (52 extra) 91 op tins for a 30% conversion rate or a cost per new subscriber of $0.82

I recommend buying a solo from him.

Go here to buy an ad from Atheer Fendi


5. Bilaal Hussain

Floren bought a 250 click ad from Bilaal Hussain for $75 or $0.30 a click.

I got 271 clicks (21 extra) 89 opt ins for a 33% conversion rate or a cost per subscriber of $0.84

I recommend buying an ad from him

Go here to buy from Bilaal Hussain

For more reviews and recommendations on the best solo ad sellers go to Reed Floren and ClickMeter and Andre Nurmik 

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