Social Media Provides Great Opportunities for Business.

social media


Social Media Marketing seeks to achieve branding and marketing communication goals through the involvement in social networks.

Such as You Tube and Facebook. And social web applications like Dig, Delicious, Reddit, Wiki.

The goal of each program varies from business to business, but it mainly involves building brand awareness, increasing visibility and through this, selling a product or service.

Social Media Marketing is an essential marketing tool for connecting with customers and optimizing your online presence.

It enables people to publish, converse and share content online.

Video, pod cast, blogs, discussion boards and social networking sites are all tools, the online businessmen can use to build relationships with their customers and keep them on websites for longer.


Social media provides more opportunities for businesses to present optimized content that can be indexed by search engines and ultimately improve site rating.

So it’s very important to evaluate your customer’s needs and wants to create an effective strategy. If your consumers are professionals who commute, then a pod cast can be downloaded and can be very effective.

Posting video content on YouTube is a unique opportunity to improve your position in Google’s universal search results.

With YouTube, customers can visit the site, view your video and easily post to their own blogs, social networking profiles or websites.

Thus sharing your content and ultimately it becomes viral.

YouTube is a great way to reach a broader audience and generate buzz around new products, especially if your product has a visual appeal.

Building healthy relationships with the customer, which are lasting, is an on-going process for any business.

Social media takes this a step further by making that relationship personal through blogs. It tells them about you, not only about your product or service.

A blog, which includes video, pictures and text, can build interest and loyalty among customers and a new way to search engine optimization. Create a page dedicated to community with website visitors and this will be interactive.

It encourages social visits to your site.

Therefore, keep adding content to encourage customers to return regularly.

With the advent of these platforms, you want your consumers to become contributors, adding to your brand messaging, with testimonials and reviews.

Social platforms such as the one’s mentioned enable the business owner to have a more active and planned role in directing, influencing and recommending products and services to community members.

There is a famous song written by Rogers and Hammerstein that truly sums out what we are trying to do in all facets of marketing and promotion, especially through social media.

The song is from the renown musical the “The King and I” and it’s called

“Getting to Know You”

“Getting to Know You

Getting to Know All About You

Getting to like you

Getting to hope you like me”



Because that’s what online business is all about.

Whether you use social media platforms, email marketing or any other medium.

The foremost reason of marketing and advertising is getting to know your customer.

So it’s vital to get to know the people that reach your niche market.

It doesn’t matter what market you are in, getting to know and understand the concerns of the people within your niche will help you identify the reasons for providing solutions to their problems.

The impact of developing such relationships and talking to them is critical to the success or failure of your business.

The key point is, if you already have these relationships in place, fantastic.

You will find that it’s easy to get people to work with you, especially when your relationships have been built on trust and respect.

It’s such hard work to approach people who don’t know you and to ask them to buy your product or even sign up for an eBook if those relationships are not built.


On the bright side..

The internet has opened up a whole new world, right in your own home where you can build and develop relationships with people from all parts of the world.

There are vast opportunities for businesses to create strong relationships with people.

Affiliate marketing experts say, social platforms are one of the best money-making systems to be developed as a result of the internet and its ability to reach people.

Since you can gain access to anything that you could envisage on the internet, social media has become one of the most essential channels wherein a business can sell its products.

As a result, affiliate marketing has thrived.

Almost every conceivable product can be promoted and receive all the necessary attention and exposure it needs to sell. 

Home based business opportunities are all around the internet. 

So now we can see that this is precisely the fact that a turnkey business opportunity is so lucrative and rewarding.

With some effort and proper research, you can start a turnkey business in your home with little investment on your part.

So what really is a turnkey business?

The traditional meaning of a “turnkey business” means owning a business which you can start work on immediately, that everything is already set up for you… literally as easy as “turning the key”.

One may ask how does a turnkey business generate money.

A “turnkey business” works like this

A company or business provides an individual with all the business tools, research and website, sometimes with free hosting they require.

An affiliate program is one such example of a turnkey business. It is more or less like an exchange deal set up.

Wherein merchants of a certain product offer website owners a certain percentage of the sales if the affiliate promotes their products.

Put into simple terms, with an affiliate based business you are not selling any products of your own, you sell your customers the products of your affiliate.

The moment you do sign up as an affiliate, a code is assigned to you.

This code has to be set on a website and when visitors or customers come in to your website, they then click this link which contains your code.

When they do purchase anything, you are entitled to a commission.

Here again, an exchange deal happens.

With this program, both owners and affiliates benefit from the sales.

The owner gets his profit, as well as the affiliate is paid their due commission.

So now comes in the best part, what type of turnkey business should you choose?

Before you can answer that question, there are many factors concerning such things as

  • Personal capability,
  • What the product or service you will be selling
  • How much is the cost of entry, and can you afford it.
  • In addition how much time you need put into it,
  • And how much you can afford to spend.


And lastly,

  • What are the product’s potential earnings?


Understanding these issues will allow you to make sound decisions.

There is money to be made in affiliate marketing, no doubt.

However, the one important thing to remember is whatever type of business you choose, a turnkey business, as with all other businesses, be it on the internet or not, requires a lot of effort.

Turnkey business does not mean income flowing in without you exerting effort.

You should develop a plan on how to attract customers. How to build brand awareness. How to generate trust and authority within your niche market.

By spending time on marketing and coming up with plans as to how to promote your business and provide excellent communication you will continue to expand.

With hard work, persistence and dedication you can be in the front row seats as compared to all other businesses and websites that are scattered out there in the internet world.

Good things will happen when you truly know your client base and how they measure success.

You’ll develop better solutions to their problems and understand how to sell them.

This will lead to great success for you and your business.

So, how well do you really know your customer?

Are you truly solving a problem that keeps them up at night?

Identifying needs and wants isn’t hard, but it does take some work.

Peter Drucker, the management consultant and author said it best:

 “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”



It starts with understanding your target audience and what they want – as well as what they need – and what they are willing to pay for a solution to their problems.

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