Advertise your Business through Promotional Give a Ways to Boost your Profits.


promotional give a ways


Learn how to create and fully utilize your Promotional Give a Ways.

Setting up a business of your own is tough. And managing it and bringing it to its maximum potential and productivity is very challenging.

In order to achieve success it is extremely important to reach targeted customers.

Acquiring those customers is another story.

In order for you to acquire customers for your business, you should be able to draw their interest towards you. You must have products or services that they want and need.

Entice them to what your product or service has to offer. If they are satisfied, fantastic. You now have an opportunity to create trust and loyalty with your customers. As a result, you now stand a good chance they might keep coming back for more.

First of all though your product or services must appeal to customers. 

If you are starting out and not a lot of people are aware of your business existence, it will be very difficult to have a lot of customers.

However, depending on your product, as mentioned earlier, customers will either flock at your business or leave it alone. You can either come up with a new product, or opt for other methods to attract customers.

Advertising and promoting your business is essential if you have any chance of boosting your sales.

Through advertising, customers will be informed of your business’ and brand recognition can begin to happen. A proven effective method of advertising your business effectively is through the use of promotional items.

What are these?

Promotional items are certain objects that are used for giveaways to clients and other people to help spread the name of your business around. These objects have the imprinted logo of your business as well as all the vital information like address and phone number.

These items come in all sorts of sizes.

Smart business owners often give away promotional items that grab attention. Perhaps the goal of these is to be unique in a way that it amuses people. You’ll be surprised at the sheer variety of these promotional items.

The options are unlimited!

So think of your promotional items now and make them as unique as possible. It is also necessary to consider that your promotional item should be relevant to your business. Upon choosing an item, you must be able to make sure that, when given to other people, it will remind them of your business.

Be creative in formulating promotional items.

Don’t use typical dull products. Be intuitive of people’s needs. Clients will just ignore these or even throw them away if they’re not useful.

After thinking of what promotional product to use, try to internalize on what to do with them to help you and your business.Try to target those individuals who have the potential to be your customers.

You’ll come to appreciate the wonders of promotional items in advertising and marketing and what they can do to stimulate interest in your product or service.

All this then leads me to one of the best ways to promote your promotional give a ways


“Squeeze Pages”.


sqeeze pages


WHY most of the TOP Internet marketers use squeeze pages and why you too must take advantage of them.

But, before I get into the WHY’s, I think it’s important to understand what “Squeeze Pages” are so that you won’t be lost when reading the rest of this article.

So, with that said, a “Squeeze Page” by definition is simply a *single* web page that has only one purpose and that is… to capture the Names and Email Addresses of your visitors and/or potential customers.

That’s it. You don’t need to look any further into it than that.

Now that you know the *what*, now it’s time for the *Why* you must take advantage of them.

Well… You need to take advantage of the “Squeeze Page” because they are the ‘tool’ that will build your online business. And a well targeted *Opt-In* list of subscribers that you can sell to over and over again without spending a single penny on advertising is an essential element to a successful online business.


What if I told you that by setting up a “Squeeze Page” you could run your whole online business on Auto-Pilot?

Here’s WHY.

Probably the most critical part of your “Squeeze Page” is the *Opt-In* form

(That’s where you enter your Name and Email Address) and what its main function is.

Your Opt-In form is just part of what is called an Auto responder”.

And an Auto responder” is simply a service that will send out a sequence of pre-written emails by you at whatever schedule you choose, to whoever decides to Opt-In for what it is you are offering.

That could be an free report, eBook, e Course, or any particular promotional give a way that is appropriate to your business.

Why is your “Auto responder” the most critical part of your “Squeeze Page” you ask?

The answers quite simple.

Your “Auto responder” is what will *Automate* your entire online business, no matter what your selling, taking away the need of you having to follow-up with every subscriber manually.

All you’re required to do is load it up with your pre-written sales offers and up-sells.

Just imagine the time you’ll save by setting up a “Squeeze Page” for your Product or Service, or affiliate products if you don’t have your own, because the facts are, once your visitor visits your website and decides not to purchase what it is you have to offer, they are gone forever.

But, if you have a “Squeeze Page” set up with an enticing offer and they decide to opt-in for it, now you’ve got the opportunity to create trust and build customer loyalty.



I hope this made sense to you and turned the light bulb on upstairs because the facts are, if you’re not using a “Squeeze Page” to promote your promotional give a ways and build a list for your online business, then you’re really not building a business.

For further information on creating professional squeeze pages and building your essential list of subscribers go to The Directory of Ezines where you will find incredible resources to help you.

The importance of Squeeze pages, building an email list and developing a successful follow-up series of emails can not be underestimated when it comes to building a viable and profitable business.


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