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private label rights


If you’ve ever gone through the process of creating your own info-product or software then you know that while there is profit involved it can be a vigorous and time-consuming process.

I always say it’s good to have your own products, but they should be used in conjunction with resale rights products not instead of them.

The nice thing about getting hold of a good resale rights product is that you have effectively paid for some-one to research and write a (hopefully) killer product usually that means you get the sales pages and graphics too.

Make a few adjustments to the sales pages; add in your own bonuses and hey presto you’re ready to start accepting orders into your PayPal account.

So what are the bottom line, must-implement tactics that you need to use to maximize your profits with resale rights.

There are a few of these, however having a strong email list is gold!

Perhaps you’ve heard the gurus talk about it (well what more proof do you want then) you must build, maintain and satisfy your own list of subscribers. List building strategies are the topics of many a book but there are ways that you can go about it quickly.

Do you harness the power of eBay to build your list.

Do you have a PPC campaign set-up to capture more prospects (simply offer them a high-quality freebie)

List building should be seen as a long-term commitment don’t expect to have 10,000 subscribers in a few weeks it doesn’t work that way unless you’re willing to pay top dollar for quality leads.

Remember that as each new name pops into your list that’s a potential future stream of revenue.

One strategy that rates highly is that of developing your own unique selling point  or in simple terms, being different.

You MUST do this because in the resale rights game you’re selling the same product as virtually everyone else.

The same PDF document.

The same sales page.

The same graphics.

Why should your customer choose you over the other guy?

Because of your unique selling point?

You’re going to be different by adding your own bonuses,perhaps ones you’ve created yourself. You’re going to tweak the sales page so that the copy is more powerful more compelling to the prospect and re-designing the e cover and banners.

Hey, it’s almost like it’s your own unique product that no-one else has.

That creates a hell of a lot of perceived value in your prospects mind and if you can do that you’ll make the sale.

Here’s another killer strategy that very few people use joint ventures with people who have significant lists.

Now I know what you’re thinking it’s hard to do a JV for a resale rights product.

That isn’t really true and I’ll tell you how you can JV with the biggest of them.

First make sure you have a real quality product and one that is relatively new and if possible in vogue. Next, load up the perceived value by adding as many relevant bonuses as you can find.

Really go nuts here make it ten or more.

Then redesign the sales page make it much better than the original. Then offer it to joint venture partners who may be interested in promoting it alongside you. Don’t worry about taking a smaller commission offer them 60% or more remember that a good JV will put your offer in front of thousands and aside from the orders you’ll generate you’re also building your list with paying customers.

A further strategy that works wonderfully well is article submission.

Even if you’ve heard it before, are you doing it as much as you should be?

You can create a good quality article in under an hour and submit it to literally hundreds of sites.

Articles can bring about a lot of traffic for you, assuming you have written an informative, entertaining piece (never ever just write an article that is a hybrid of your sales page it won’t be picked up and will obstruct your future efforts to get published. 

The strategies can be used as basic blue-print for succeeding with private label rights products.

PLR products, with its very own nature of its rights, allow you to break them into small content segments. Break them into pages of content and upload them to your blog. Use some software to upload them in regular intervals automatically, say one per day.


private label rights


Two to three private label rights products in the same niche can thus feed enough content to your blog for a year. A great automated internet marketing strategy to make money by bring free search engine targeted traffic!

Join some good affiliate programs in the same category as that of your private label rights products. Insert your affiliate links into these plr products and give master resale rights to them so that your customers can resell them and make money, but can’t change your affiliate links.

In order to make money from PLR products quickly, you can just change the graphics, rename, and make sufficient changes on the sales page to make it appear different; as though a new product being launched.

Submit them to affiliate networks and marketing networks and enjoy the targeted traffic coming from the ‘new products category’. Some of the products available in the internet marketing category and niches are actually this sort of second generation products.


Combine each strategy to create your unique eBook to promote some high demand affiliate products. For example, in the internet’s biggest affiliate network Clickbank; the niche ‘weight loss,’ has some of the best money-making products.

With your viral eBook created solemnly from plr products can be a lethal weapon to make you victorious in the highly competitive affiliate marketing war. Creating such a viral eBook with unique graphics and title can be finished in a few hours, with good graphic creator software available in the market.

Break up the product, with a few necessary changes, into articles. Submit these articles to article directories and permit webmasters to republish them with a resource link back to your site. Allow them to customize these articles with their affiliate links.

If you have your own product in the affiliate networks like Clickbank, it will be very easy to allow webmasters to republish your article in their ezines or websites with their affiliate links to your products.

If done correctly, it can be a brilliant internet marketing strategy to recruit affiliates.

Use these articles to add more content to your website to make more money from Adsense. More content will bring more free targeted traffic from search engines, and hence more income.

Private label rights products are the quickest way to make money from internet.

Now just stick your name as the author and sell them as your own products, as though you have created them. The time factor predominantly determines your success rate in selling the products.

The faster you buy a private label rights product and set up a site to sell it, by implementing a good internet marketing strategy to bring targeted traffic, higher the chances you have to make money.

Basically what I do is I resell manuals that I have the “rights” to. I didn’t write them – I’m not that smart of a guy. But I do know how to market them, and marketing them to small niche groups!

Getting started in Niche Resale Rights has been extremely exciting and profitable.

It can help any business – be it a product or service type of business.


It can be as simple as 1-2-3-4:


                Get a product

                Setup the website for it

                Sign-up with Clickbank. To sell the product

                Get people to your site to buy the product



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