Should You Post Articles on Your Own Site?


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The short answer: Yes!

That said the real answer is a little more involved. At the end of the day, you want people coming to your website rather than other people’s websites. However, without posting articles on other people’s sites, you won’t get the exposure you need to build your own audience.

How much content should you put on your own site? And  How much should go on other people’s sites?

Let’s explore these questions of how you post articles


Why Put Content on Your Own Site?

There are many reasons to put content on your own site rather than someone else’s.

First of all, search engines rank the site that has the actual content. If all your content is on someone else’s website, that means they’re getting the benefit of search engine rankings instead of you.

Secondly, people mentally give credit to the site they see content on. In other words, if they go to someone else’s site and see your content on it, they give a lot of credit to that site. If that content was on your site, you’d get the credit instead.

In the long run, you want to be building your own personal brand and your own audience. You need to consistently put out great content on your site in order to do that.


How Much Content Should You Distribute?

On the other hand, putting content on other people’s sites will get you backlinks as well as raw traffic. That can’t be discounted, especially in the beginning stages of a new website.

An optimal mix is to start with about 40% of the content on your own site and 60% published on other sites. This will get you the initial surge of traffic and backlinks you need to start building your audience and getting rankings.

Once you have a few one-way links to your site and a few hundred people coming to your site consistently, and then start building up your own site rather than other people.

Gradually cut back the amount of content you syndicate out and increase the amount of content you keep on your own site.

Once you’re a well-known brand, you want to be publishing about 95% of your content on your own site rather than someone else’s site. The other 5% will be strictly for guest blogging, for people you know and for sites with strong reputation and traffic.

One quick point on duplicate content: Don’t use the same content for your own sites as the content you syndicate out. Google will view this as duplicate content and dock your rankings as a result.

In answer to this article’s title, the answer is “yes” – you should post articles on your own site. In the beginning, you’ll need to publish more on other people’s sites to build traction. As your site grows, however, publish as much of the content on your own site as you can.


Learn to Write Quality Content Quickly

Learning to write quickly is a crucial skill for anyone doing article marketing. The marketer who can write four articles in an hour is going to get four times the traffic of someone who can only write one article an hour.

So, how do you write quality content quickly?

Write from Experience

Avoid writing about topics you don’t know. If you know real estate well, then don’t write about health or internet business.

Doing research takes a lot of time. When you’re writing about topics you don’t know well, you’ll write with less confidence and therefore less speed.

On the other hand, when you’re writing from your own knowledge and experience, you’ll often be able to hammer out articles quickly, like clockwork.

Choosing the right topics alone can make a huge difference.


Learn to Type “Properly”

A lot of people develop their own ways of typing that aren’t technically correct. While that’s perfectly fine for most people, if writing fast is directly linked to the amount of money you make, it makes sense to learn to type in the fastest way possible.

Get in the habit of placing all your fingers on the home keys. Use the appropriate fingers for each key press. It may feel awkward at first if you’ve been typing differently for years, but in a month or two your typing speed will increase.

If you often need to look at the keyboard to type, that’s also a habit worth trying to break. Make a conscious effort not to look at your keyboard when you’re typing. If it helps, practice by typing in the dark when you can’t see your keyboard. (Don’t overdo it, though; it’s bad for your eyes.)

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning keyboard shortcuts can also increase your speeds a lot. CTRL S for save, CTRL C for copy, ALT TAB to switch to your browsers, etc.

Anytime you find yourself using a mouse, look up the corresponding keyboard shortcut and try to use that next time.

Each time you reach for the mouse, you lose a few seconds. It may not seem like much, but over the course of an hour, a day, a week it really adds up.


Write Fast, Don’t Edit

Instead of writing and editing (i.e. correcting misspelled words, grammar, etc.) try writing the whole article as fast as you can without editing.

Then go back and edit the articles later. This helps keep you in the “flow” of writing without having to break pace.

These tips combined can help take your writing speed to as much as double of what it is today in just a month or two. Pick the ones that apply to you and practice them today. You might not notice a shift immediately, but in time the change in speed will be drastic.


Three Ways to Bust Out of Writer’s Block Instantly

Every writer faces it at some point. You sit down to write, but no words come out. You rack your brain and try to force yourself to start writing, but to no avail.

Writer’s block. It happens to everyone from beginners to New York Times bestsellers.

How do you get out of writer’s block? If your living depends on you writing, then writer’s block is a very costly ailment indeed. The way most people try to get out of writer’s block, by putting pressure on them, seldom works.

Instead, the next time you face a block, try one of these three methods. These methods can work quickly to bust you out of writer’s block by addressing the issue from a completely different angle.


Talk to a Friend and Record It

Instead of trying to put your thoughts on paper, just hop on Skype or a recorded phone call and talk to a friend.

Talk about whatever topic you wanted to write about. Talk about your views; listen to your friend’s views; have a friendly discussion or debate.

Talk as you’d normally talk. Let the ideas flow. After all, nobody has a block when talking to a good friend, right?

Later on, just listen to the recorded conversation and transcribe the best parts. Turn that into the article you were trying to write.


Go for Some Exercise

Exercise gets the blood pumping throughout your body. It gets more oxygen to the brain. A lot of research has been done into the effects of exercise on the brain, and more and more research points to exercise as a method of stimulating mental processes.

Getting exercise can “jolt” you out of writer’s block. In fact, you may even come up with great ideas while you’re running. But the best time to write is actually right after a workout, when the blood that was diverted to your muscles to keep them going comes rushing back to your cerebral cortex.

So if you’re feeling stuck, get your body moving. Getting your body moving will help get your brain moving as well. Even just ten to fifteen minutes of aerobic exercise can do the trick.


Just Start Writing

The third way is to just start writing. Write about something you’ve already written about or something that’s been on your mind. Though it’s best if it’s on topic, write about something completely unrelated if that’s what you need to jump-start you.

Get in the flow of writing. Get to the point where you’re writing quickly, from thought to words on your screen with no filter.

Then switch to writing about the topic you wanted to write about. Writers often find that just by getting themselves in the “state” of writing, they’re immediately able to write about their original topic.

Anytime you face writer’s block, just try one of these three techniques. Perhaps even try all three to see which works best for you.

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The most important thing is that you have to post articles in different websites.

Not only one!

When people see you good written article, the see the good content, guess what? They will visit you website.

So remember friends not only one website, search a great deal articles submission websites as you can, and start posting your articles.


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