Perfect Customer Profile for Online Marketing

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Basic Profile




Marital Status:

Number of Children and Ages:



Job title:

Annual Income:

Highest Level of Education:


Advanced Profile


What are their goals?

What are their values?

What are their hobbies?

What is their political affiliation (if any)?

What are their other interests? –

What does their typical day look like?

What do they fear most? –

What do they hope for most? –

What is their back story? –

When they wake up in the morning what is their #1 hope for the day? –

What level are they at in life or their career? –

Pain Profile


What is their #1 challenge or problem? –

How long have they had this problem? –

What have they tried in order to solve the problem? –

What is their #1 fear regarding a solution to their challenge/problem? –

How does having this problem make them feel? –

List all the pain points they may be having a result of this problem not being solved.


  • Financial problem
  • Frustration
  • Stress
  • Anxiety




What would be their #1 objection to the product you are promoting? –

Who do they consider to be an authority? –

What sites or blogs do they visit often? –

What books do they read? –

What movies do they like? –

What television networks or shows do they like? –

Are they more emotional or more logical? –

Are they outgoing or more introverted? –

Are they generally optimistic or pessimistic? –


Purchasing Profile


What role do they play in purchasing? (Advisor, decider)

Where do they buy their clothes? –

Do brand names impress them? –

What type of car do they drive? –


Knowing and understanding your customers on a deep, emotional level is truly the beginning of successful marketing.

Good things will happen when you truly know your customer base and how they measure success. You’ll develop better solutions to their problems and understand how to sell them.



This can ultimately lead to a successful win /win for your customers and for your business.

Charlie Page writes “The more you know about your perfect customer (your avatar) the better.”


Because you will go to work thinking about them. You will want the best for them. You will want to serve them. And you will begin to recognize them online.


The more you know about your avatar the better you will do when it comes to producing content in your online marketing.

The better you will do when it comes to designing ads to get their attention. The better you will do with choosing products they need and want.


Defining your avatar is hard work.


But ask yourself this …


  • Do you want your online marketing to be easy, profitable and fun?


  • Do you want to spend $100 and earn back $500 in return?


If you answered yes to either of those (or both!) then doing the work to define your avatar will be both fun and very rewarding for your online marketing.

When you know exactly who you want to reach your work becomes more of a game than work and your efforts are highly rewarded.

You will build a strong foundation for success if you make identifying customer needs a major priority. It’s simple; just know your customer better that they know themselves! 

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