For Maximum Visibility and Brand Awareness Use a Marketing Strategy


marketing strategy



Marketing in general is a vast and complex beast which requires knowledge and effort to truly master and leverage it to its full potential to grow your brand, let alone your business.

Any good internet marketing strategy can effectively help you build your business online.

If you plan to generate any kind of income online you need to gain an understanding that your blog or website is simply and extension of your true business.

You must develop your business model first before you can properly identify how to apply your blog / website as a useful tool in your overall marketing and business development strategy.

Any successful business has a commercial strategy to grow their business. You cannot simply set up a blog or website and expect the business to come rushing in.

You must have a strategy in place to help bring in the interested buyers you desire.

A blended marketing plan can benefit you and provide you with some techniques to use when constructing your blended marketing plan.

Blended marketing is essentially a mix of both internet marketing and traditional offline marketing methods to create a more complete, overall marketing and business development strategy.

Many businesses fail to integrate both internet marketing and traditional marketing strategies together.

The benefits of a blended strategy are vast allowing you to really grow your business at a much more rapid pace than if you did not have one.

Identifying a market for whatever you are offering is essential to the success of any business.

Firstly, knowing your target audience and identifying how to reach them is an absolute must. 

From this position you can craft a merchandising strategy that will allow you to reach your target audience through multiple fronts to ensure your message is heard.

To begin crafting your blended marketing strategy incorporate the various resources available to you to reach your market. 

For example.

  1. Syndicate your content, using industry magazines and journals.
  2. Attend business networking and industry convention events to create brand awareness?
  3. Create an email marketing campaign and mirror this effort offline through direct mail pieces.
  4. List of all related marketing strategies and decide which to integrate into your complete blended strategy.


The more time you spend on market research and development to create your blended marketing plan, the more effective your strategy will be.

There is a resource that l found through my research that has helped me throughout this whole process. And it has provided me with a complete marketing strategy that has enabled my website to be ranked on the first page of google for many specific keywords.

It is a resource that targets a specific blend of marketing strategies and it doesn’t require a huge financial budget.

Which at the beginning was a great benefit to me.

It is one which utilizes proven and affordable Ezine Marketing, content marketing, email marketing and joint ventures.  

It is a highly successful approach to maximize exposure and develop solid brand awareness.

Furthermore the DOE has been online for over 17 years, so it has the track record and the experience to help anyone who is looking to succeed with their online business.

No matter what type of business it is.


The directory of ezines

The Directory of Ezines has developed courses to teach these highly targeted methods of advertising all under one umbrella.



Where you will learn… 

  • The power and potential of Ezines.
  • How to build an extensive email list using Ezines as your primary source.
  • Ezine Advertising with Solo Ads and many other forms of Ads
  • Article marketing which is a natural extension to your website and blog.
  • How to develop powerful joint ventures with influential publishers.
  • And essentially you will learn how to create a successful overall marketing plan.


It will Save you Time and Money.

  • Where all the marketing research is done for you.
  • Where you will discover all that you need for your chosen niche
  • The DOE has excellent customer service. Saves you Money
  • The lifetime membership is a one only payment.
  • Members are eligible for major discounts and bonuses.
  • The DOE offers an exclusive affiliate program.
  • And it comes with a 60 day Full Satisfaction Guarantee.


The primary reason for the Directory of Ezines is to help members succeed online with Ezine Marketing.

The biggest advantage of using this method for promoting your product is the ability to place your ezine advertisement in the perfect niche to reach highly targeted prospects.

For anyone who is interested in intensifying their marketing strategy, directory of Ezines is an effective tool for your requirements. 

So if you are looking for an efficient marketing strategies, then this could be a perfect option for you. 


  • The most important problem the Directory of Ezines solves.

The main problems the DOE solves are problems of time and money. When it comes time to send an ad via email you want to send that ad to a list you know will be responsive.

There are a few ways to do this.

One is to Google sites that match up to the product you are promoting.

Then visit each site and contact them to see IF they have a list. And IF they sell ads. And IF they do, how much they are. And IF they do, and you can afford them, when is their next availability.

At the DOE we say “we do the research so you don’t have to”says Charlie Page.

And this is just the type of research we do.

Members save time because they can view the listings in the DOE to find ezines well-suited to their offer. Many publishers offer a DOE member-only discount. And that helps solve the problem of saving money.

There are two main features that new online marketers will find helpful. 

First, our database of ezines will help them save time when needing to buy advertising.

Second, there is a considerable amount of teaching inside the DOE about online advertising, solo ads, tracking and testing and more.

It’s like a mini-education in online marketing, designed to help members get off to a fast start.

Who is best suited to using the DOE?

Anyone who needs to buy cost-effective advertising and wants to do that in the email marketing world.

And anyone who wants to build their list quickly too.

The core education of the DOE helps to end confusion about online marketing and help them find the right advertising sources quickly.

To be more specific, because they categorize their listings members save huge amounts of time.

What the DOE does best is clear up the confusion and help people find affordable advertising sources quickly. In today’s world no one has enough time or money. So they help members save both.


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