3 Marketing Strategies 

Learn the Principles of Network Marketing.


marketing strategies


Countless home based businesses know they need to market, however, they only have small investments to make and limited budgets to do so.

Poignantly, many use this as a rationale not to market. Even on limited funds you can promote and gain visibility for your business.

The following marketing strategies have proven tremendously effective for so many businesses as they can for you.


1. Press Releases 

Very effective and they offer a great deal of credibility when published. To start you must have a well written release that is relevant to the media source you are sending it to. You can issue press releases both online and off.

An internet search under media resources in your city will bring up radio, television, newspapers and magazines in your locale. To find online resources do a search under “free online press release distribution.” many listings will come up. Be sure to use the free services when you’re on a restricted budget.

Prior to writing a press release, make sure to establish the following criteria:

  • Who is your target market?
  • What is your target media?
  • Who is the contact person at the media outlet?
  • What is the time frame for submission?
  • Do you have an attention-capturing headline?
  • Do you know who, what, when, where, why, how?
  • Do you have good quality quotes, research and technical date if suitable?


2. Articles 

Writing articles is a fantastic way to increase recognition as an expert in your field or specific business. By providing sensible information, you can reach targeted audiences. This can generate exciting opportunities for you and your business.

Anything you write about should be something you are well-informed on and your information is detailed. Incorrect or fallacious information can come back to haunt you.


3. Presentations

One of the most effective ways to promote your product or service is to offer a free information webinar. When you provide great information that is of significance to your market. By positioning yourself as a resource you are advertising your service/product in a very exclusive way.

Hosting a presentation can be essentially cost free. You can host a gathering open to the community at your local library. Send a press release to the local media to state when you are offering a presentation and that you welcome all members of the local municipality.

You’ve probably heard or read plenty about network marketing. Network marketing often gets a bad “rap” because so many thieves and greedy people have abused this type of business. But for all those who have given network marketing a bad reputation, there are plenty of others who are successful through hard work and perseverance.

If you can forget the negative things you’ve heard and find a team of network marketers with similar goals, you can realize the same success that thousands of others enjoy every day – and work from home doing what you love, its one of the most satisfying of all marketing strategies.


Learn the Principles of Network Marketing

Before getting started, do research to learn the basic principles of network marketing so you will know what to expect. Network marketing gives you the freedom to become “your own boss” without limiting your potential to create a steady cash stream.


Network Marketing with Others

The first key to success with network marketing is to learn to recruit others. Spend time getting others involved in the business so you can enjoy profits from their efforts as well. Some network marketing companies will recruit people for you. With these types of businesses, you may pay more on your initial investment, but will enjoy the benefit of marketing experts promoting for you.


Receive a Residual Income

Second, set goals that will enable you to receive a residual income. This is an income that you receive on a regular basis, even after the work has been done. You might recruit several individuals to work with you. If they are successful, you’ll receive a recurring income from their efforts. So it behooves you to encourage and help them every step of the way.


Grow Your Network

Third, you must learn how to grow your business or network. When you work from home, you can use the Internet and network marketing together to grow your business. The Internet opens doors of opportunity you might never have in your local town.

For example, in your hometown you might find 10 to 20 people who are interested in network marketing. On the Internet, however, you can find thousands of others just like you!

You can promote using many avenues online without spending a fortune. Also, email is a free avenue of communication for you and your network marketing team members, and it’s a great tool in finding new prospects.

Find a network marketing company that already has a profitable business model in place for their business. The company should be able to provide proof that it is working well for others with no gimmicks and hype – just good business strategies.

Popular types of marketing strategies today are global resorts networking, in which you can purchase trips to beautiful destinations at wholesale prices. You can do what you love, work from home, and take vacations that most can only dream about.

Start looking online for a work-from-home network marketing opportunity that works for you. You can realize success and meet other great people as you reach your goals.

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