Marketing Online can be a Rewarding Experience


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With the hundreds of millions of websites populating the Internet, it’s a challenge to carve out a niche and drive traffic to your site. You can certainly spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in pay-per-click advertising, but unless you’re the CEO of a huge company, you’ll never get a return on your investment.

In particular, home based business owners rarely experience success with pay-per-click advertising, primarily because they don’t have the money to purchase the number of hits they need to make their businesses profitable.

Fortunately, there are many methods of marketing online that don’t require a huge investment.

In fact, experts generate leads and sales using a variety of tactics. Success lies either in learning how to use these methods yourself, or in networking with experienced marketers and having them implement a system for you.

Every day, online surfers are seeking information on millions of subjects. Whether they need to know how to fix an appliance, promote their online business, play better golf, or how to write a book, there are plenty of questions to go around.

If you own a business and are quite knowledgeable in a particular subject, you can benefit from cost-effective online marketing through knowledge creation and management.


Questions and Answers are beneficial for Your Business

Imagine answering questions for highly targeted customers every single day and getting free exposure for your website in the process. Wouldn’t this be the ultimate form of online marketing for your business?

When you provide answers to those tough, not-so-common questions in your field of expertise, you’re doing just that.

You’d be amazed at how educating potential customers can help increase your business. It’s a secret that marketing gurus have known for years, but many online business owners fail to recognize its potential.

When you provide answers to questions from a targeted readership, then your business suddenly hits the spotlight as the “expert” in its field. Potential customers will begin to trust you simply by reading your articles.

They will feel as if they already know you when they arrive at your website, and they will be much easier to convert to real paying customers.


Free Advertising and Ads Revenue Sharing

There are two ways to use knowledge creation and management for your benefit online.

  • You can add knowledge through articles and tips posted at your own website or in a newsletter.
  • You can publish your articles and tips at other websites to receive advertising benefits.


Some websites will allow you to advertise free through ads or a bio on your particular article pages. Others might allow you to share revenue from other businesses that advertise on your article pages. This is called ads revenue sharing.

Both can offer long-term benefits, especially as the traffic to your article pages grows over time.


Several Opportunities

Online marketing through knowledge creation and management can be focused on one particular knowledge-based website or multiple websites. The choice is yours.

With various websites, you might post the same article on many different websites (if allowed) or you might write different articles for only one website. Either way, you’ll have multiple opportunities to advertise your business or to enjoy profits from ads revenue sharing.

Cost-effective online marketing through knowledge creation and management gives you the freedom to share what you know with your targeted audience without paying for advertising or taking unnecessary risks while implementing a marketing strategy.

Search online for specific questions you can answer and write articles based on these questions. Or, you can hire a writer to put your thoughts into words for you. Either way, you can provide answers that will draw targeted readers to your website for years to come.

Once you establish yourself as an expert in your field, your online business will grow like never before!

Many people choose to pursue an opportunity that brings together a highly trained group of experts who understand both the art and science of marketing online.

In this way, home based website owners don’t have to go through the nightmare of trial and error in order to find the best online marketing methods. Instead, they can concentrate on promoting their websites in other ways and, hopefully, create wealth in the process.

These multi-level marketing (or MLM) opportunities generally offer distributorships that are essentially replicating websites. The opportunity usually consists of a product and a suite of marketing efforts that are performed on your behalf.

For example, six different companies may provide six different services. One company might design an advertising banner for you and place it on sites that are viewed by the people who are most likely to visit your website.

Another company may write an email advertisement for you and distribute it to a hundred thousand people, half of whom will click on the hyperlink to your site. A third expert might implement a ezine advertising campaign on your behalf, while a fourth might endorse your website and send his endorsement to his own opt-in email list.

The theory behind this type of marketing online is that pooled resources produce greater results and more success. When every person in the networking system contributes to the pool, more leads are generated and each person receives more traffic to their website. In other words, the money is leveraged to everyone’s best advantage.

Income generation – and in many cases, wealth – is also accomplished through an MLM-like compensation plan. For example, if you were to sign up for the program, the majority of the money you pay would go to your distributor, as would the money paid by your first referral.

 After that, you would receive the money from your referrals, as well as the money generated from your down line’s first referral. Given that the efforts spent marketing online generate leads, and some of those leads convert to sales, the system is set up to pay out quickly and efficiently.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a marketing expert to make it work, which exponentially increases the chances of your success.

If you’re thinking of starting your own online home marketing business make sure you start something that you will enjoy.

This is really just common sense and would apply to many things in life both online and offline. However, often people associate an online business with “easy money” or “quick success”. In reality, very few online businesses are this kind (at least none that I’ve found).

So what does enjoyment have to do with this?

Most people starting a home business do not realize how much time is going to be required. It may not be a lot at first, but it needs to be consistent probably even daily.

Committing to this amount of time to something you have no interest in is not going to last very long. Something other than money needs to keep you interested and motivated.

Money is certainly a factor, but should not be the only satisfaction.

Since an online business requires a computer you first need to decide if you enjoy using a computer. Now granted, computers have become a necessary part of most people’s lives – everybody uses them.

A home business however requires hours of time working with a computer. “Strange” problems while emailing and clicking websites, working with multiple windows, and so forth are part of normal procedures.

Secondly, the process of internet marketing requires a set of skills that you will need to develop. Most people starting out do not have all of these skills. That doesn’t matter; most people can acquire these skills.

You just need to enjoy stretching yourself and learning new things. You may not do them right the first time but perseverance will help perfect them. An ability to grow in this area is a requirement.

There are many “help” books, materials and online tutorials available to help you. If you’re initially sceptical about spending money online for these resources many, if not all, bookstores and libraries will have the tools needed to assist you in learning how to develop these skills.


Finally, the product or service itself that you are marketing needs to interest you. If it is something that you do not believe in or recommend then find something else.

Yes, which products that generate the most money will get more of your attention, but if multiple products result in similar earnings you will focus on the one you are most interested in.

If you think that maybe starting an online marketing business is for you, then start with a well established organization which has other people available to assist you. This will help you to grow and learn various marketing techniques.

An online home business can be a rewarding experience, both financially and personally gratifying.

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