Why Aren’t You Making Money Online?


making money online


I had reason to ask myself this question some time ago. The more I thought about it, the clearer the answers became.

If you are not making the money you want on the internet now, read on and you will find some useful ideas based on my experiences. What I have to say applies equally to home based business and affiliate marketers.

The funny thing is that I knew what I had to do to start making money online. Nevertheless, I was not doing it!

I continued to search around various sites looking for that wonderful formula that would automatically put money in my bank account without having to do anything.

WRONG!! No such thing…


Why did I keep on avoiding the very steps or actions that would generate money for my business?

Did I want my business to fail?


Did I want to fail online?


I was so easily distracted by the latest and greatest way to make money that I spent my time reviewing and buying these offers, all at the expense of building my own business.

I duped myself into thinking that just because I had links to various products and services on my website I would make money.

The first fundamental principle of making money online is NO TRAFFIC equals NO INCOME.

Just having a web page does not mean the world will beat a path to your door.

To solve this, I submitted my website to the search engines. For a short time, when one of my pages enjoyed a listing within the top ten results for a keyword search, I had some extra traffic.

I had tried the obvious ways to get people to my website without success. I had submitted a few free classified ads but this was a tedious and time-consuming process.

The results were far from spectacular. There seemed to be no way to win!


So how do I make progress and what I have I learnt from this experience?

I resolved that, after a lot of reading and researching, with any success gained in life, there are a few of key factors to making money online.


There are predominately three:

Discipline is doing what needs to be done every day to achieve the goal you are aiming for.

Persistence is continuing the process but making changes where necessary so that the goal is reached.

Belief is the confidence that you can do it.



With this in mind, it was time to go back to the basics of business and marketing and to answer some fundamental questions.

To know who will buy your product and/or service, ask yourself these questions:

Who are the people who will buy my product and/or service?

How can I reach them in the most cost-effective manner?

What are the benefits to my potential buyers of my product and/or service?

Once you know who will buy your product and/or service, then you can determine the best ways of contacting them.

Let us say that you are marketing a business opportunity. An important benefit of your opportunity is the ability of your prospect to make some extra money.

Other benefits could include no longer having to work for a boss, financial independence, realization of dreams such as overseas travel, and the list could go on.

What people would gain from these benefits?

It is tempting to answer this question by saying “everyone”.

However, this is simply not true.

The best prospects may be those who are looking for an opportunity to increase their income. They could be people who are looking to start their own business but do not have a product or service to market.

They could be people who have a small business and are looking for ways to increase their revenues.


Now we need to consider how we get in contact with these people. Where do they gather on the internet?

Are there others online who are already contacting this group of people?


One of the easiest ways to research how to contact the people who will buy our product and/or service is to review ezines. An ezine is similar to a magazine in the sense that one has to subscribe to ezines to read them.

Today, there are countless ezines that cater to various interest groups and there is sure to be a number that will reach the people you need to contact.


Do a Google search to find sites where you can research ezines that may reach your target prospects.

A great example of this is the Directory of Ezines where you will find a vast list of up dated ezine publications. Once you have found the ezines that your prospects are reading, you have two ways of using this to your advantage.

Most ezines accept classified ads for a fee and this can be an effective way to bring to your site a stream of qualified traffic.

However, the most cost-effective way is through writing articles that would interest your prospects and submitting them to the ezines for publication.

Many ezines are looking for good quality material they can publish for the benefit of their readers. This provides benefits to you and the publisher.

You receive valuable free publicity for your site and the ezine receives a valuable contribution to their publication.

The targeted approach to contacting those who want to buy your product or service is usually always more cost effective than any other way.


Ezine advertising campaign is one proven way in which the ezine publisher, endorses your website and sends his endorsement to his own opt-in email list.

The theory behind this type of marketing online is that pooled resources produce greater results and more success.

When every person in the networking system contributes to the pool, more leads are generated and each person receives more traffic to their website.

In other words, the money is leveraged to everyone’s best advantage.


With the hundreds of millions of websites populating the Internet, it’s a real challenge to carve out a niche and drive traffic to your site.

Luckily, there are many methods of marketing online that don’t require a huge investment.

In fact, experts generate leads and sales using a variety of tactics.

Success lies either in learning how to use these methods yourself, or in networking with experienced marketers and having them implement a system for you. Such as those you find in joint ventures.

Many people choose to pursue an opportunity that brings together experts who understand both the art and science of marketing online.

In this way, home based website owners don’t have to go through the nightmare of trial and error in order to find the best marketing methods.

Instead, they can concentrate on promoting their websites in other ways and, hopefully, create prosperity in the process.

Given that the efforts spent marketing online generate leads, and some of those leads convert to sales, the system is set up to pay out quickly and efficiently.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a marketing expert to make it work, which exponentially increases the chances of your success for making money online.

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