Understanding The Power of List Building.


list building

Understanding the power of list building and list nurturing, why is it still an essential marketing strategy that you should have as a focal point for your business.

This course is designed to give you ideas for how to better your audience through your email marketing, create a semi-automated marketing system to turn more of your leads into customers and provide you with a marketing plan for email list building.

Now this course is designed for the established business owner with no or minimal email marketing plan in action. It’s also designed for the brand new businesses wanting to grow faster from the very beginning. If you are an experienced business owner who wants a refresher on the basics of email marketing, you are going to really enjoy this course too.

The first question we should answer of course is what is email list building?

It’s simply leveraged communication with a growing group of subscribers so that you can increase your sales. And what we want to do is optimize your content and marketing efforts towards gaining new subscribers and then nurturing those subscribers into repeat customers.

We are going to turn visitors into subscribers and take those subscribers down a journey to become buyers. Let’s start with your visitors. They are going to be coming to your blog posts and seeing your great content and hopefully, opting to receive your free gifts and visit some kind of a thank you page.

Then, they will become a subscriber. Other visitors will of course come to some kind of landing page that you have created where you will give away a report, a guide or some kind of a webinar registration. Once these visitors opt in and visit your thank you page, they’ll also become a subscriber.

That’s when your email list marketing really takes over. They’ll start receiving follow-up messages from you that direct them to specific content or offers that you may happen to have. Over the series of a couple of days, or a couple of weeks, you will continue to communicate with these new subscribers in the hopes and in the targeted focus of turning them into customers by making sure you offer them something amazing that turns them into a buyer.

Of course, email marketing isn’t the only type of marketing you should be doing. It’s a key part of your overall marketing plan which includes social media, video, content marketing such as blogging, videos and webinars and of course, paid media traffic.

However, building an email list should be your number one priority and all those roads should lead to your list because to be honest, all other marketing tactics can disappear in a flash, but your list and the relationship you build with your subscribers becomes your largest marketing asset and it’s something that you can absolutely control.

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