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“By the time you finish reading this you will know how you can write a good, solid sales letter that will lead your prospects to buy from you.


If you begin product development with a well defined audience and a specific ultimate benefit


There are many ways to write effective sales copy but this is the best…


How is our product or service uniquely beneficial to the buyer? This is a product that does it better than anyone else.


This is a unique solution to your specific problem.


“Let me explain.”


You want to give buyers exactly what they want and then you will start to get more of what I want


And in doing so, here is what we offer


– Sales funnel system that is PROVEN to work

– Easy to follow steps to set it up and make it work

– Tweak it as needed to optimize for maximum results

– Repeat the process over and over again.


Our Sales funnels are proven to work in any industry, market or niche.


They are high converting funnels that give you EVERYTHING you need to drastically increase profits from every single sale.


“Now here comes the good part.”


There are the vital elements to our sales funnel and how to attract people to your offer.


We will show you all of them plus a whole lot more…


We will examine

The Lead Magnet

The Tripwire

The Core Offer

The Profit Maximizer

The Return Path


Bonuses include


How to use “Emotional Value” Words & Phrases

Buyer personas to target your ideal customer

How to craft the most compelling headline

Adding video for more enticement

How to create a sense of urgency



Today’s free webinar is hosted by two of the best online entrepreneurs in the business.


Kenny Cannon

Kenny Cannon is a sales trainer and consultant based in Long Island, NY. Kenny has helped over 75,000 small business owners, executives and entrepreneurs double their sales, dominate their competition, and reach levels they never thought possible. 



Cameron Benson

Cameron Benson is a serial entrepreneur, marketing consultant, coach and speaker. At the age of 23, Benson started his first company, Net Profits, and is the co-founder of Passive Profit Group, which is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow.



As Long as you’re willing to do 
NONE of the Work!

On this Free Webinar You Will Learn:


  1. Behind the scenes look at HOW a BRAND NEW Warrior Plus Account made over $85,000 in 60 days with no EMAIL LIST.
  2. AND HOW it was achieved by using one TACTIC that was responsible for a 7 figures in sales in just 12 months
  3. Anyone can do this it’s not ROCKET SCIENCE! AND HOW you can copy everything that is shown to you today AND do the same.


  1. To SUCCEED in business you NEED 3 things
  2. A product, service or idea to sell
  3. A pool of qualified prospects to sell it to
  4. A way to sell #1 and #2


  1. And the REASON WHY most people fail online is SIMPLE

MOST people fall short BECAUSE they’re doing the wrong stuff…

Either the product or service and or idea are no good or they don’t know how to sell.

  1. On this Webinar you will learn

HOW to do the RIGHT stuff…

Making MONEY online is a science not an ART!

The PROMISE to you on this webinar is FULL TRANSPARENCY….

  1. You will see ACTUAL RESULTS here that are SHOCKING the industry.

If you are at a point in your business where nothing that you have tried seems to work then you will definitely benefit from this webinar.

  1. You will learn exactly how to earn a 6 figure income using a model that is responsible for over $10 million dollars in sales and continues to grow.

The webinar will also cover WHAT not to DO in your business which is extremely important.

  1. So if you want to partner with us and add a $10,000 per month income stream into your business starting TODAY even if I’ve failed in the past or “tried everything” that you have been told to do.


Inside you’ll DISCOVER…

*The program does not REQUIRE you

*HOW creates instant TIME FREEDOM

*BUILDS Assets that grow in VALUE over time

*CREATES instant cash flow

*No MATTER what you have DONE before or WHO you are. YOU can do THIS!


You Will Have Money In Your Account By Week 3 – Guaranteed!  

If you do what we tell you and actually USE the program and don’t make at least DOUBLE what you invested, just let us know and we’ll give you 100% of your money back.

You are also 100% protected by Stripe!

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