How Do I Get High Quality Traffic using Ezines? 



That is a question that just about every website owner, webmaster or internet marketer will ask, regarding ezines. And how do ezines help me drive traffic?

 One of the universal mistakes many new web site owners make when they begin their online business is to believe that loads of people are going to flow to their site.

Initially, they pay tons of money for a professional look, add all the pertinent information and then sit back and wait for visitors.

However, the reality can sometimes by quite distressing when they discover that this is not the case. The logical post-mortem when the customers don’t show up is,” how do I get customers/visitors to visit my site?”. 

The response to this is, create a marketing campaign. Fortunately there are a number of successful and proven ways to go about this. 

One of those methods that create a great deal of attention to virtually any site or promotion is Ezine advertising

The significant advantage of  Ezine marketing is the benefit of being able to find highly targeted audiences you can post your articles to them.

And to help web site owners promote their product or service that will help to solve their clients/visitors problems.

There is one drawback though, there are some Ezines that you must be on the lookout for and they are fly by night ones.

They will take your money and you will wait helplessly for the traffic that never comes. Or it is cheap unrelated traffic that has no interest in your promotion.

There is of course always a compromise between money spent and money made from your investment, as a result always  make sure you that you find an Ezine that gives you a good return on your investment (ROI).

So be careful for the reason that a percentage of Ezine are a waste of time and money.

Remember “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. So do your due diligence and research your options.

 Here are a few points to help you through.

1. You get what you pay for.

2. You must present something that communicates to the niche market.

3. Target your advertising to your viewers.

4. The best things are not always free. 

Where you promote or which newsletter you use will depend on your product or service.

The excellent thing about Ezine advertising is you will find online newsletters on just about every niche market out there. 

So do your research before starting an Ezine campaign and you will harvest the rewards. 

Ezine are a very successful advertising instrument if done accurately. One of the most significant advantages is that the Ezine has a target group of subscribers they submit to.

Naturally there are policies to be followed in order to be successful in Ezine advertising. But the more you engage with your targeted audience the greater your chances of sales and lead generation.

Using Ezine Directory Solo Ads as a Marketing Strategy

Have you ever asked yourself, “Where the best ezines are located” or “How do I know what’s a reliable ezine or solo ad publisher?”

A lot of people wonder or ask about his matter. But it’s all about filtering. Mainly you need to find out what they send out.

People who aren’t up to it should move on. Here’s a process that anyone can possibly use in order to establish whether a publisher is worth giving a shot in terms of having a solo ad with them.

Initially, you need to start looking for some ezine directory solo ads using the search engines. For instance Google on terms such as:

  • Internet marketing solo ad
  • Internet marketing ezine
  • Internet marketing newsletter
  • Work from home solo ad

There are a lot of terms you can possibly use. Try to generate a list of 100 and keep it in spreadsheet.

The next thing that you can do is to evaluate the best ezines that are qualified in your list. Know if they’re sloppy or professional. Also visit their site and see their advertisements for solos.

If they, for example, state having ezine directory solo ads with them would make you tons of money, it would be best to avoid them.

Keep in mind that hard and aggressive selling need to be avoided. Likewise, for the websites that have green headline and bright purple background, it would be wise to remove them too. Narrow down your list to 50.

After narrowing your list down to 50, make a new e-mail account. Any email provider will do like with Gmail. Make your account or subscribe to newsletters/ezines.

You need to see what it is like from the subscriber’s side.

Try to read some content. If there are for ezine directory solo ads than content, immediately disqualify them in your list. In this way, you can again narrow down your list by 50%.

With those remaining in your list, personally contact the publisher. Send them email or if possible, call them. Tell them that you’re pleased to subscribe to their newsletter, or you really like their edition about a certain article.

After complimenting them, ask them a few question such as the cost of their ads, or how do they go in your newsletter traditionally.

In this process, most of the time only 15% reply, which will give you 4 to 5 ezine directory solo ads potential left. Make sure to do this last step in order for you to ensure that someone is home and also for your competitive intelligence.

If their offer seems good to you, then that’s it, but if negative… don’t give or send your money.

These steps will help you find the best ezine directories for solo ads. Be sure to follow everything that is mentioned here in order for you to acquire the best solo ads for your business.

If done right, ezine solo ads can be a very powerful marketing strategy which can be obtained at a very low price.

So if you are reading this you know that Ezine Advertising works!

Now find out how to make it work for YOU with The Directory of Ezine.

It will help you build your own list of subscribers. With this you will be assured your Ezine is targeted to an audience who want to hear what you have to say, they want to hear about your product or service and it will cost you next to nothing to advertise to them.

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