10 Tips on Targeted Ezine Solo Ads 


ezine solo ads


You can find ezines (electronic magazines) for just about any topic, passion or subject. An easy search on your favorite search engine or more specific research tools can be used to find targeted ezines in any niche.

Electronic magazines are websites or blogs that publish relevant and niche specific content in a variety of topics such as: personal growth, planting, cooking, travel, religion, politics or health and wellness to name just a few.

These sites ask their visitors to opt in so they can receive additional content and tips via email. This creates a targeted subscriber base that you can advertise to. The publishers post advertising rates on their sites and you can then submit your relevant email ad to be sent out on your behalf to a portion or the entire database.

This type of advertising generates targeted traffic because your niche specific email is only received by people who CHOSE to receive emails from that publisher. Your chance of generating clicks are high and only depend on your email being compelling and relevant to that audience.


Ezine Solo Ezine Ads are Cheap!

Relative to post card marketing, pay-per-click and extensive search engine optimization; posting compelling and relevant advertising can generate cheap leads. You can find ezines that offer solo ads for as low as $20 – $49 per solo. I’ve posted ads that have generated dozens of actual OPT INS to my sites for $49.


Easy for New Marketers to use

If you’re in a network marketing program or MLM, then ezine solo ads can be a great way to get your sales team advertising efficiently and effectively. As a leader, you can supply your team with a small collection sample ads that they can use and work with.

A quick video tutorial can show them how to research and find their own “watering holes” that are relevant to your program and away they go!

You can also supply them with a list of popular and effective ad spots so the newest of the new can get up and running. This can help you quickly have a team of advertisers out there posting ads and generating traffic, which is the heart and soul of fully leveraging the benefits of network marketing or MLM.

There are many more powerfully effective benefits you can gain by learning how to implement ezine solo ads marketing to generate traffic. It’s an effective way to get exposure and targeted eyeballs on your content means a potential of consistent flows of traffic to your website.


10 Great Tips to Maximize the Profitability of Ezine Solo Ads:

  • The subject line is the most important part. They won’t read the rest of your solo ad if the subject line is not interesting enough to grab their attention and entice them to read further.
  • Write the most hypnotic and benefit-laden words in all caps, but don’t overdo it. This will allow the reader to take more notice of the words in all caps. For example, you could say, “This BLOWOUT offer will end after 48 hours, so GRAB IT NOW if you want to take advantage of one of the best deals ever.” If they’re only skimming, they will at least see, “BLOWOUT…GRAB IT NOW.”
  • Create a sense of urgency and scarcity. An example would be telling the readers that the offer is limited to the first 10 (or whatever number you decide) customers only, or up to a certain date or time.
  • Format the ad up to 60 characters only for a more convenient reading experience. You may use a free service
  • Follow the short paragraph rule. Short paragraphs make it easier for the eyes of the reader and are easier to understand. Paragraph should be a maximum of 4 lines only.
  • Add the most convincing testimonials if they can add “power” to the solo ad.
  • Make your  ezine solo ad  short in scope, if possible. The longer the ad, the more prone it is to be caught by the email filters. Treat the solo ad as a teaser that directs the reader to visit the sales letter. However, a long solo ad is not a bad idea if it’s necessary, as long as you pass it through a dependable spam filter.
  • Put a “PS” or two that contains the biggest benefit or strongest call to action.
  • Make sure the solo ad passes through a reliable spam filter. If the person sending the solo ad has a sophisticated autoresponder (like AWeber), the  can be checked for any spam-triggering words before being broadcast.

Advertise only in ezines or newsletters that are identical to the topic of the affiliate product you’re promoting. The best part is you can negotiate with ezine publishers before you place your  ezine solo ad .

I hope this article helps you to generate more quality traffic for your affiliate marketing business, online business, solo ad business or whatever business you are in. If you you have no time to search for ezine publishers, you may check Directory of Ezines which lists all the great ezine publishers.


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