3 Ezine Marketing Tips to Generate Leads.


ezine marketing


A great way to generate leads and sales is to market your website or product by writing a solo ad for an Ezine. An Ezine is an online magazine. A solo ad is a single ad that you will pay an Ezine to email to all of its subscribers.

This is an amazing marketing opportunity to get your product or website to people who are directly interested in what you have to offer because you can choose an Ezine directly related to your product or website.

There are Ezines written about all kinds of things. This will generate quality leads. The best part, Ezines have thousands of subscribers so you have the potential to reach a lot of people quickly and cheaply!

Here are three helpful ezine marketing tips:

How much should you pay to run your solo ad?

You should only pay around $5 per thousand subscribers, $8 at the absolute most. Always research the Ezines you are interested in. Subscribe and spend some time reading some of their issues to get a feel for their style and decide how you should tailor your ad for that publication.

You can even subscribe to the Ezine for a more in depth look. Before you purchase your solo ad speak to or email directly with the Ezine marketing concerns your ad.

Find out if there are any word number and line number restrictions for your ad and when it will run.

Always test your ad first.

If this is the first time you’ve written a solo ad send it to a smaller publication (10,000 or less) to see how it does. Depending how it does change one thing about the ad at a time like the subject line and send it again to see if it does any better.

Remember it takes a person seeing an ad up to seven times before they click on it. Make sure your ad focuses on the benefits of your service or product. What’s next?

Once you’re ad converts well and produces a profit run it again the same Ezine and look for similar Ezines with bigger subscriber bases to advertise with.


Run your ad in multiple Ezines at once.

You can even look for complementary Ezines to run your ad in. If you’re ad does well consider running a classified ad as well to keep up a presence in the Ezine. Always track your results.

Where do you find a directory of Ezines related to what you sell? If you’re looking for a directory of Ezines to market with here is the one I use:

The Directory of Ezines. Access to the directory is a onetime fee and they give you an incredible amount of information, resources, support and free gifts.

To summarize:

Find a directory of Ezines Pay around $5 per thousand subscribers, $8 at the most. Do research on the Ezines you are interested in.

Test your ad first.

Advertise the benefits in your ad copy.

Track your results.

Continue a presence by running again in the same Ezine and consider running a classified ad. Increase exposure with ezine marketing by running your ad in similar Ezines with larger subscriber support base and complimentary Ezines of linked topics.

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