Ezine Marketing Profiling Your Perfect Customer

ezine marketing

Profiling your prefect customers is a very important starting point to build a successful advertising campaign. Here is a basic format on how you can best identify your prospects to gain a competitive edge with your marketing efforts.

 Ezine Marketing Customer Profiles


Basic Profile

Age: 21-65

Gender: Male and Female

Marital Status: Single or Married

Number of Children and Ages:

Location: global

Occupation: online marketer

Job title:

Annual Income:

Highest Level of Education: College


Advanced Ezine Marketing Profile

What are their goals? – To find the best online marketing

What are their values?

What are their hobbies? – reading, web surfing, do it yourself, writing

What is their political affiliation (if any)?

What are their other interests? – learning new things,

What does their typical day look like? – in-front of computer almost 8 hrs a day

What do they fear most? – not knowing about anything

What do they hope for most? – get conversions

What is their back story? – new graduates or quit job to work online

When they wake up in the morning what is their #1 hope for the day? – high conversions

What level are they at in life or their career? – beginner


Pain Profile

What is their #1 challenge or problem? – getting to top 1 of Google

How long have they had this problem? – since they have started the site

What have they tried in order to solve the problem? – creating back links

What is their #1 fear regarding a solution to their challenge/problem? – it might not be effective and successful

How does having this problem make them feel? – frustrated

List all the pain points they may be having a result of this problem not being solved.


  • Financial problem
  • Frustration
  • Stress
  • anxiety



What would be their #1 objection to the product you are promoting? – expensive

Who do they consider to be an authority? – spouse

What sites or blogs do they visit often? – marketing strategies

What books do they read? – how to get rich, how to market

What movies do they like? – Possibly any movies with successful protagonists, e.g. Social Network, Steve Jobs

What television networks or shows do they like? – Possibly any movies with successful protagonists

Are they more emotional or more logical? –logical

Are they outgoing or more introverted? – outgoing

Are they generally optimistic or pessimistic? – optimistic


Purchasing Profile

What role do they play in purchasing? (Adviser, decider) – decider

Where do they buy their clothes? – malls

Do brand names impress them? – yes

What type of car do they drive? –any


The completed profiles of prospects will give you insights on how to best advertise your product and or service. Whether or not you are specifically targeting the right people for your business. How you can relate and test the marketing campaigns you run. Will all be in direct relation to your return on investment and your ability to identify your specific audience.  

The wonderful thing about ezine marketing is that, it is less expensive and will give you a span of time to achieve amazing results such as attracting possible leads and prospects that will push them to action.





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