Using Ezine Directory to Promote your Business


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Did you know that the primary reason behind article writing, is to help promote services or products provided on websites?

Yes, it is!

As a matter of fact, it is one of the best methods businesses can use, which will benefit their business the most. 

By using an Ezine directory, businesses can utilize this platform for showcasing all of their articles in one place to generate leads and create potential customers.

As a smart marketer, you will want to employ a tool that is not only free but also proven to be a powerful form for marketing products and services. Therefore, writing articles that are relevant to your business is a powerful, effective, and efficient way  of promoting your business online.

In addition to your articles, the great thing about ezine directories is that, they are inexpensive and will give you time to achieve amazing benefits. 

If ezine directory is new to you, you may ask yourself how this style of marketing will work for you. Good question! In this regard, you can be ensured that the process is simple and not at all difficult to do. Even though you are a newbie, you can utilize this platform and obtain outstanding results.

Furthermore, many ezine directories are hungry for your marketing content; so long that it is well-written, good quality and attractive to reach your target market.

If you want to increase your results, submit your articles to as many directories as you find appropriate. When the offers regarding your business are available and presented in most popular ezines, these will be picked up by search engines that will attract many more people to read them.

As a result, when they can click on the link available in your resource box and this will bring your potential customer to your website.

This is an amazing advantage, considering the fact that you can reach out to a huge market of people and show them the services or products you offer.

Search engines truly love content that is fresh and new. When you have new articles on your eCommerce site, search engines will crawl them. So long as your business articles rich in Search Engine Optimization people will search and see your company fast and easily.

Aside from these obvious advantages the ezine directory will help you achieve a one way link that will take your prospects to your site. In doing so, it will improve the ranking of your website.

This is extremely beneficial in promoting your business and will help you acquire more leads and create more traffic to your site as well.


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Using Ezine Directory Solo Ads as a Marketing Strategy

Now that we understand the benefits of ezine marketing.

Have you ever asked yourself:

“Where are the best ezines  located?” or “How do I know what’s a reliable ezine or solo ad publisher?”

Many people have these concerns.

It’s all about filtering!

Please let me explain.

Firstly you need to find out what the ezine directory or solo publisher sends out to its subscribers and whether or not that list of subscribers is related to what you are advertising and how it will fit with you.

For example it may be an ezine that focuses on fly fishing and you want to promote auto parts. It doesn’t match. Filter the ezines online that correspond to the business you what to promote.

Here’s a process that anyone can use in order to establish whether a publisher is worth contacting in terms of purchasing a solo ad with them.

Firstly, you need to start looking for some ezine directories that sell solo ads that are also using search engines. For instance, search on Google for terms such as:

  • Internet marketing solo ad
  • Internet marketing ezine
  • Internet marketing newsletter
  • Work from home solo ad



There are a lot of terms you can possibly use. Use terms that are applicable to the business and service you want to promote. Try to generate a list of 100 and keep it in spreadsheet.

The next thing that you can do is to evaluate the best ezines that are qualified in your list. Visit their site and see their advertisements for solos. If they, for example, the ezine directory solo ads announce they can make you tons of money, it would be best to avoid them.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to be involved with hard and aggressive selling and they need to be avoided. Likewise, for the websites that have green headline and bright purple background, it would be wise to remove them too.

Narrow down your list to 50 of the most professional and evenly matched directories that will offer you what you need.

After narrowing your list down to 50, make a new e-mail account. Any email provider will do like with Gmail.

Create your account and subscribe to those 50 or so ezines. You need to know and see what it is like from the subscriber’s side.

Read as much content as can to get a feel for what they represent. If there are more for selling solo ads than content, immediately disqualify them from your list. In this way, you can again narrow down your list and filter down the ezines you want to deal with.

By doing this can reduce your list by at least 50%.

Those remaining in your list, you should personally contact the publisher. Send them email or if possible, call them. Tell them that you’re a happy subscriber to their ezine, and you really like their editorial content and articles.

Following on from there, ask them a few questions about the cost of their ads, and how their ads perform in their ezine. What kind of ROI (return on investment) can you expect. In this process, most of the time only 15% will reply. This will leave you with 4 to 5 ezine directories left that are potentially worthwhile.

Make sure to do this last step in order for you to ensure that the ezine is a great match for your business and also that you have done your due diligence to discover that the ezine does what says it does.  If their offer seems good to you, then that’s fantastic, but if negative… don’t send your money or lose valuable time and effort on the wrong publisher.

As mentioned before its all about filtering or drilling down through your list of ezines until you find the right one(s) that will provide you with the best opportunity to get a great return on your investment, Ezines that offer a market of subscribers that are looking and need your products or services.

Once you have found the appropriate platform to work on you may discover how rewarding solo advertising and ezine marketing can be.

I hope these steps will help you find the best ezine directories for solo ads. Be sure to follow everything that is mentioned here in order for you to acquire the best solo ads for your business.

If done right, ezine solo ads can be a very powerful marketing strategy which can be obtained at a very low price.


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