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ezine advertising

Then Read On To Discover How to Convert More Customers Quickly and Easily.


The amazing benefits of this marketing strategy can
never be underestimated! 
And it is absolutely perfect for promoting
any product or service.


“Let me explain”


This is a proven marketing technique where you use someone else’s email list of subscribers for sending and promoting your product or services to.



So would you like reach your prospective customers faster?




This method is considered to be one of the fastest ways for reaching your potential customers.

You can reach thousands of prospective customers and increase the possibility of more sales and conversions of the product you’re promoting.

For new affiliates it’s absolutely perfect as it helps in promoting your products by using someone else’s active and genuine list.

  • It’s very cost-effective.

This marketing technique is great for promoting your product even if your budget is totally limited.

  • It is high targeted.

You can reach real potential consumers who are interested in your products or services. 

Do your research and find a publisher who is offering such advertising opportunities that belongs to your niche market.

  • There are easy to find.


ezine advertising service



  • Small little dollar investment

You can test your ads and check your results for a very small investment.

After you start getting the results you want then you can start sending more ads increasing your profits because you know it works. 

By starting your ad campaigns with a small investment you can invest more as your income rises.

It’s a very smart way to begin!


  • Attract genuine traffic to your site

As subscribers already trust the ezine you are advertising in.  The chances are high will trust your email too.

As a result there is a high probability you will receive genuine traffic to your site.

You can ultimately capitalize on the relationship already built by the owner of the ezine with his subscribers.

Ezine Advertising is one of the fastest ways of promoting your business among prospective consumers.


Now for the benefits of marketing with Solo ads Advertising


Firstly, implementation of Solo ads is easy.

You just simply pay a newsletter publisher to send your ezine solo ad to their mailing list.

This email blast will let many people know about your product or services.

Before starting this ad campaign you just need to find out a good vendor in your niche. They must have a large list of genuine and active subscribers.

You can prepare your email enticing and after paying your vendor for the solo ad do the blast.


  • You get a large list of subscribers.

You get is a large number of subscribers by just paying few bucks for it. If you have just started building your own email list, then this campaign is ideal for you.


  • Guaranteed Traffic to your Campaign

Solo ads email list have active mailing list and the subscriber are used to getting such emails, thus the traffic quality is excellent. 

Visibility is high as the subscriber has genuine interest in the product of your niche. As a result, there is a high possibility that more traffic will end up on your website.


  • Flexible pricing options

With solo ads you get flexible pricing options. While you do the agreement with the vendor, you can choose either from fixed pricing or choose a performance based payment.

So you pay after getting the results.


It is important to acknowledge though that the price will also depend on factors such as

  • The number of subscribers,
  • The quality of the leads (customer lists are much more responsive than normal subscribers),
  • The popularity of the ezine.
  • Whether your ad is exclusive,
  • And doesn’t contain other advertising or messages unless you permit it.


However, using a solo ads campaign you can reach your targeted traffic very quickly.  Acquiring an active and genuine list of subscribers you do not have to wait years for.



There are some requirements for your solo ads campaign:

The following pre-requisites you need to be aware of.

  • The foremost requirement is an opt-in page to drive the traffic.
  • You will need a click tracking system to track the number of clicks your ads generate.
  • A Sales Funnel which is essential that includes a post opt-in page for ensuring that the subscriber has taken the right action and opted in for a subscription to your list.
  • An Auto-responder. Customers will require the immediate response to their queries. Therefore an auto-responder function for using a sequential follow-up system is vital.
  • A welcoming email that is ready to go directly to the person who has just joined your list.


“As you read on, you’re about to discover how
ezine advertising can boost your sales”


So what is the purpose of these solo ads?

Good question!


To clarify, the purpose of using these ads:

Number one:  The conversion factor!

Ad campaigns cost money right! And naturally, you would like to maximize the money you spend to gain the greatest amount of revenue.

Well solo ads can generate the revenue you need and it’s very easy to do.

“Now here comes the good part.”

Secondly, a solo ad campaign is easy to use and can help you build your own mailing list very quickly.

Money is in the list right!

Third, you get a guaranteed amount of traffic to your website because you have access to prospective customers who already have an interest in your product.

This ultimately improves conversion rates.

Finally, you have flexible payment options, as the ads are a cost-effective option.

You can use fixed pricing or a performance based payment.


Here’s the bottom line.

You need to know how to get this done!

Remember a solo ads campaign is a key component of Ezine advertising.

And for new affiliate marketers the advantage of this concept is you can build your own email list very quickly and efficiently to promote any product or service you have to offer.

And the conversion rate from selling via email is the best online marketing by a long way.


So I highly recommend

 You follow the path of success by those who

have already walked down it.


Learn all the great benefits of ezine advertising and how you can implement it into your next marketing campaign.

Advertise only in ezines or newsletters that are equal to the focus of the product you’re promoting.

And get started with few targeted solo ads, and go from there!

Do this and you should see your sales get a huge boost.


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