Advantages of Ezine Advertising


ezine advertising


There are several advantages of advertising with Ezines.

As soon as you enter the world of online business, you will begin to understand the importance of advertising.

When I say Ezine, it is a form of advertising via electronic newsletter and email, which is increasing its popularity as a proven method of advertising online.

In fact, ezines are the top choice of advertising form by several online marketing specialists.

Want to know why?

It is simply because ezine advertising is affordable and highly targeted medium which can produce genuine results. Majority of the time, advertisers would use Ezines, as the main focus on which to market their chosen niche, service or product.

It gives them the assurance that their advertisement will be placed right in front of interested readers and targeted buyers.

And guess what?  

This can be done by anyone. They are great for the small business and the home based entrepreneur.  

It is where you can sell your products and services to an excellent targeted subscriber list. In addition to this, there are many other great advantages that can be gained when using Ezines 


When using Ezine advertising for your services and products, your cost of  advertising will be according to the number of subscribers to the ezine and the approximate size of your ad.  Many times, in Ezines, there will be announcement from the publisher, for subscribers to pass around the original Ezine among their business associates and friends.

It is the so-called Free Advertising  and once the Ezine is then passed around, it’s at this point that your advertisement will be circulated and seen by many more people.

2)Promotes online businesses the way you want it to be. 

Here, you have the right to discard and filter out any irrelevant information and therefore be able to give highly relevant and useful information to people who share the same interest as you.  It is much more aligned with the people you want to sell to

3)Allows your business to grow.

Ezines can definitely take your business to the next level of success.  With ezines, you can expand your business by providing people access to your online service or product through subscription for an annual or monthly fee. Take for example; your Ezine may be used for creating an eBook, or making training presentations and seminars.

This can prove to be valuable information for people to keep as a resource for their own business or invite you to be  a guest speaker or blogger. Keep in your mind that search engines are always looking out for new content. Therefore, they will appreciate anything that is current and valuable to their readers.

4)Generate more profit. 

Ezines are not just about popularity, it is also about creating profit through the expansion and how it works with the variety of different interests people have.

For instance, targeted buyer advertising can be extremely useful for you in establishing your business, service or product that will eventually lead to generating profits.

The way Ezines are designed, they will feature your ad as a solo advertisement meaning that your ad is likely to be given number one priority to any given page on the ezine newsletter .

5)Experience Viral Marketing. 

Viral marketing is the reasons behind why most of the top online professionals opt for Ezine in terms of their advertising. It implies that your business is not just available to people in a certain location, it has the capacity to continue its expansion and growth, not just locally but internationally. 

This is particularly true for large size and small size businesses.  

Many ezines use several methods to gain valuable subscribers as well as they will clean their lists of non-responsive subscribers regularly therefore ensuring that their are both current and appropriate to the newsletter.

That’s why it is best to ask the editor of the ezine and make a judgement based on the answer you receive as to the type of advertising you wish to buy from that ezine.

This may take practice and some trial and error, but at least if you have the information to learn from and to be able to distinguish the good ezines from the great ones . So, ask where, how, and what type of subscribers the ezine has. Ask how effectively they retain subscribers and whether or not it’s a good match for business.

That will give you a good indication of how  many subscribers they have and who are actually reading the ezine and viewing it as worthwhile.

6) Free Vs Paid Advertising

There are many ezines that do offer free ads to their subscribers. Some of these are worthwhile, unfortunately some are not. It really comes down to reader involvement. If people are still reading the ezine and not just subscribed to put their ad in every week, it may be worth your time and effort.

The ezine must passed all of your other criteria up to this point. If it it has then it is to be worth a go. At the very least it will cost you nothing but your time.

Paid advertising however, is where you have to study, select, and analyze many ezines before coming up with a short list that will be definitely worth the cost and importantly your time and effort.

Let’s just review what you need to go through when selecting an ezine(s) to advertise in.

1) Targeted Content that matches the product, service, or opportunity you are advertising.

2) Acceptable Potential Market based on the content of the ezine and what the e zine’s editor says about his or her subscriber’s interests.

3) Acceptable Advertisement Formatting and Placement in the Ezine.

4) Acceptable Subscriber Base as described by the way the ezine attracts its subscribers and how it keeps them.

Now for the ad cost. What’s a good price, and what isn’t?

Well, it depends. It can be complicated and it may be based on a variety of factors, too numerous to discuss here. You’d rather I provide an easy simple rule to go by so that all of your decisions are made for you.

Well frankly, I don’t believe that is possible. It is a huge subject, and we tackle it in many other articles in this blog. So please keep reading, there are many topics that we cover that I am sure you will find interesting.

Within our articles, we attempt to solve the many of the problems encountered with genuine ezine advertising and how you gain from using proven ezine marketing.

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