8 Vital Points to an Ezine Advertising Strategy

 Ezine advertising


Necessity is the mother of invention. You might have heard these words many times. This is true in almost all aspects of life. In the field of advertising, this tenet holds valid ground as well.

The days are moving head at a tremendous speed. You would not find any takers for the print and display ads today. The online marketing has changed every parameter of advertising.

This is the age of email marketing and more importantly Ezine advertising.

A detailed view:

The question would naturally arise as to how the two systems would vary. Both are electronic forms of advertising. In email marketing, you advertise your products to people on a mailing list.

There is no guarantee that the people would be genuinely interested in your product. This could result in a waste of time, money, and labor.

On the other hand, an Ezine advertisement would be a marketing strategy where you would send the email to the interested persons alone. Hence, there would be a better and more accurate reach.

This is the greatest advantage of advertising through the Ezine route.

The Ezine can cover a range of topics and niches. The Ezine comes in a variety of formats as well such as graphics, reader feedback, polls, etc.

The Need for an Ezine advertisement:

There are many benefits of advertising in an Ezine. The necessity of advertising in an Ezine is to market your product. We shall see the benefits of doing so in an Ezine.

1). Cost factor:

As compared to print or display advertising, it is inexpensive to advertise in an Ezine. It is very easy as well. You do not need to include much details of your product.

Including the link to your main website would do the trick. The viewer would just have to follow the link by clicking on the same. This would not be the case with other kinds of print or display advertising.

2). Reach factor:

More than the cost factor, the reach factor is advantageous. This is, in fact, the greatest advantage of the Ezine advertising service. You can have an effective reach. Instead of running your advertisements on websites where there is not much guarantee of people watching your ads, advertising through a dedicated

Ezine would ensure that the advertisement reaches a certain niche. You will be promoting your product among those people who have an interest in your kind of products. This can improve the inquiries and result into the conversion of the leads.

3). Halo factor:

Ezine subscribers take a great pride in the fact that they subscribe to ezines. Your advertisement can have a halo effect in the sense that the subscriber can become your fan as well. This could pave the way for more business from the same client.

4). Types of Ezine ads:

The ezines place your advertisement depending on the budget you choose. There are different rates for placing your advertisement at different locations. You can place your ad at the top of the page or at the bottom.

You can choose a middle-page location as well. You have the option of inserting solo ads. Such type of ads can fetch you a greater reach and patronage. However, they can be more expensive than the normal Ezine ads. 

However, you have to follow certain precautions for your Ezine advertising strategy to be successful. We shall try to list them out for you.

5). Be specific:

This is the most important aspect of the advertising strategy. You should remember that people usually do not have time to read details about the features of your product at the initial stage.

They have more interest in knowing the benefits the product can provide them. The features come later. Hence, it is very important to list the benefits in your Ezine ads.

6). Choice of the Ezine Publisher:

You should be very careful in choosing the perfect Ezine publisher. The number of subscribers to an Ezine is very important. However, the quality of members is more important than the quantity.

Therefore, advertising in an Ezine with better quality of subscribers would be beneficial in the end. Advertising in an Ezine that has a subscriber base with a double opt-in process is always better. There would be reports of spam in such ezines.

 Have multiple runs of the advertisement:

Your advertisement should have multiple runs on the Ezine. You can always modify the subsequent copies in case the first one fails to bring in the business.

7). An attractive headline:

The rise in the volume of the email advertisements has made people wary of any messages in their inboxes. They read the heading and consign the same to the recycle bin. A catchy headline can make them probe inside the mail.

You would get a foot into the door. Similarly, your advertisement should necessarily have a call to action. You cannot expect your client to search the internet to find you.

He should just be able to click on the CTA and access your website for details.

8). Track your ads:

Through Ezine advertising, you would be able to do good business. However, you should have a mechanism where you can track your ads and know which Ezine has generated the income for you.

Final thoughts:

This method of advertising has come to stay today. Costs wise and benefit wise, they are much better than the traditional methods of advertising.



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