The Concept of Ezine Advertising 

 ezine advertising


Any successful business enterprise would swear over two things. The first would be the quality of their product and the second aspect would be about the marketing techniques employed by them to sell the product.

This drives home the fact that the marketing of a product is as important as the product itself. You can market a product in various ways. You should adopt the method best suited to the times you live.

In today’s times, the best way to market a product is the online marketing method. This includes the email marketing method as well.

However, the email marketing method has its own drawbacks.

The overuse of this method has made people set up spam filters whereby the purpose of using this method to advertise becomes a huge waste of time.

Hence, you find a new method by the name of Ezine advertising replacing the email marketing method.

The difference:

Naturally, the point of contention would be the difference in the two marketing methods. Strictly speaking, both the methods use the same medium of transmission of the message.

That is the email.

Then, what are the factors that make Ezine advertisements a better one than the traditional email marketing methods?

You should understand the concept of the Ezine promotion strategy to realize the difference between the two.


The concept in brief:

The Ezine is a short form of the word Electronic Magazine. In other words, the Ezine is a kind of an online newsletter distributed through emails. The difference is that the customer can opt to receive these newsletters pertaining to a particular niche.

These Ezines cater to every kind of niche separately. Hence, you might find a separate Ezine for health problems relating to males and a separate one relating to females.

Both of these Ezines can have a different set of subscribers.



The advantage of the Ezines:

The main advantage of the Ezines is that the customer can make his choice whether to opt to subscribe to an Ezine or not. These newsletters are usually delivered free of cost to the persons on the mailing list.

A business enterprise can advertise in the specific niche. In this way, he can ensure that the product reaches the correct person. The person has opted to receive the newsletter.

Thus, he would have an interest in the same.

Catering to the customer’s interests is one important aspect of marketing.

We shall take the example of the site of a private airline-booking agency. You would see that this agency would issue weekly bulletins for its customers detailing the various schemes.

You can also find many local transport operators such as the taxi services placing their advertisements in these newsletters.

They belong to the same niche. Hence, it would be beneficial to both the booking agency and the cab operator. Imagine if the same cab operator had placed his advertisement in a unit manufacturing DVDs.

There would have been no hits on his website.

This is because of an incompatible niche. Hence, the main function of the Ezine ads is to direct traffic to the main website of the business enterprise. 

Many people believe that these Ezine advertisements are expensive. In fact, they are not. The first point is that the ads would be very small and minimal in content. On the other hand, the print and the display ads would be huge and lavish.

The Ezine ads need not be big because the customer always has the option of using the provided links and accessing the main website of the company.

There is no need for duplication of the same information.

In addition, the attention span of the customer is very small.

He would not like to spend more than a glance at such ads. Thus, the trick is to catch hold of the customer’s attention and entice him to visit the website. This is half the job done.

The business enterprise can insert his ad as a solo ad as well. This would guarantee one thing. The customer would not have any distraction while he is browsing the page.

Your advertisement would be the only one on the page.

If it is attractive and appealing to him, you can get good business. However, you would have to pay a slightly higher price for this facility. Business enterprises would not mind paying the bit extra to gain more business.

Ezine advertisements are far better than the email marketing methods. They have come to stay in this competitive world of business. Business entrepreneurs should take advantage of them. 

Points to consider

Advertising via ezines has become a common word among the business community today. With the proliferation of the internet and the improvement of the technology, people have become more comfortable with online marketing.

Nowadays, people take great pains to submit reviews online. The reviews have a very important factor in the online sales of any product.

This is because any buyer would always go through the reviews, especially the negative ones before deciding on the purchase of the product.

The business enterprises can take advantage of this factor and improvise their product as soon as possible.

Coming back to the matter of Ezine advertising strategies, every business enterprise should follow the following important points while promoting their products online.

The content matter of the advertisement is very important. The customer does not have a long attention span. He would just glance through the advertisements.

Your advertisement should be able to catch his eye and force him to read it. Hence, you should always focus on the benefits of the product and not on the features. The customer can always visit the website to know about the features.

There are many Ezines boasting of a huge number of subscribers. You never know how they acquired this huge number. It could be that they might have bought the list. Many of the customers on the list would be non-existent as well today.

It is always better to be safe rather than be sorry. For this reason, you should entrust your Ezine ads to an Ezine with moderate subscribers. The chances of them being genuine are more.

Many Ezines put their subscribers through a double opt-in process instead of a single one. You should avail the services of such an Ezine publisher.

Under these circumstances, there would not be any spam emails as such. Hence, the value of your product becomes higher.

You might have also observed that the Ezine ads might not have generated any income the first time around. There is no harm in running the ads a second or third time with some improvements.

You should pay great attention to the headlines of the advertisement. A poor headline can assure you one thing. The customer would dump the advertisement into the recycle bin without opening the mail.

However, a catchy headline would make him go through the message. This could translate into good business.

Including a CTA in your advertisement is of utmost importance. This would enable the customer to correspond with you directly. He may have his own doubts.

You can clear the same and finalize the deal.

The CTA is also a good option for receiving the feedback from the customers. This can enable you to make improvements and revitalize your advertisement campaigns.  

Tracking your advertisements is very important as well. You should know as to which advertisement generated the profit for you. You would also have access to the number of clicks your advertisement generated for you.

These are valuable information in the context of Ezines and following the above points can result in having a great Ezine advertising campaign.



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