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Persuasive Communication

Is all communication persuasive? Sometimes, it seems it is. At the least, we can say much of our communication includes a persuasive component.

Consider this article, which takes an editorial rather than an overtly persuasive approach. Yet, the underlying premise is that strategic communication works more effectively than communication without a conscious purpose. 

So, I’m trying to persuade you that one approach (the strategic) to communication works better than another.

Consider, too, the three most intriguing words in the English language: “I love you.” At the same time, these words can be both self-sacrificing and self-serving. In the self-serving sense, we use the words because we want something from the person to whom we’ve uttered them.

Given our need to persuade through communication, let’s explore a key starting point for getting the results we want.

Since persuasive communication focuses on the other person, we need to have that other person firmly in our sights when we write or speak. In other words, communication will be most persuasive when we build the message around the other person, rather than ourselves.

So, if you want to persuade me to do something, your communication should focus on my response. And to get a response from me, you’ll have to address the issues in my terms, not your terms.

In sales and marketing, this idea is well developed. Copywriters and others know their chances of getting a sale go up dramatically when they communicate benefits. 

They point out how the reader or listener will come out ahead by buying or using their products. “Buy this shampoo and you’ll have a more active social life,” for example.

The link between product and consumer needs involves the connection between features (what the product does) and outcomes for users. In the case of the shampoo example, let’s say the product’s features include a new moisturizer that makes our hair more attractive.

In turn, more attractive hair means we’re more likely to enjoy a busier social life. So, the marketer who emphasizes the outcome or benefit (a more active social life) will sell more shampoo than a marketer who focuses on the product or its features (new moisturizer). 

In non-sales fields that idea of addressing the needs of readers and listeners isn’t nearly as well appreciated. Consider internal memos, composed and circulated by millions of well-meaning managers and supervisors. 

Many of them focus on the needs of the manager or the organisation, and not on the reader, the person who needs to be persuaded by the writer of the memo.

Would internal memos work more effectively if their writers focused on the reader instead of themselves? Would people making in-house presentations get better responses by building their pitches on the needs or aspirations of the audience? I think so. 

The experience in sales has shown, overwhelmingly, that benefits outsell features (features being the characteristics of the product or service being sold).

When you next set out to send an important message, pause long enough to ask yourself whether persuasion is your goal — either directly or indirectly. 

If you do want to persuade, then ask yourself if you’ve focused sufficiently on the recipients. That’s the starting point for persuasive communication.



Ezine Ads

Are you an entrepreneur and you want to make a difference in your business? 

To help you do that, there are things that you have to focus on so that you will be able to achieve success. 

In advertising, there are various devices and tools that you can employ such as email marketing, television, radio, website, fliers, ezine ads, and a lot more. With all of these media outlets, you will have some assurance of attaining your goals so as long as you know what you are doing. 

When you decide to utilize an ezine ad, you have many responsibilities that you have to do so that you can meet its effectiveness and competence. When writing your ads that will be published in an ezine, they should have the following features:

Title should be written in a descriptive manner.

There are some people who think that it is better to come up with a title first before thinking what to say in their ezine ad. 

However, before you write a title for your business ads, you have to think of the things you want to say so that you will know what to do in writing them from the start until the end.  In creating a title, it is better to make it in the most descriptive manner possible so that, you will be able to hold the attention of all the people who will have the chance to read your particular ad. 

However, your job does not stop there as you need to be consistent all throughout the process. In other words, you can attract many individuals to read a specific business ad of yours when it has descriptive title. 

Your email address and your name. 

To increase your trustworthiness and credibility, you should include your name and email address in your ezine ads. In this way, all of your likely customers will have the peace of mind that you are dependable and a person who really deserves their trust. 

When you include your email address, they will have the opportunity to look for you online so they can ask all of their questions and make a better purchase.  So, for you to have a positive response, you should write your email address and name. 

When your ezine ad was sent?

You have to know the day, date, and issue number of your business ad in order for you to be aware of how long it takes to reach a potential client.  One thing is for sure, you can have more potential clients within a short span of time, which in turn can make you happy. But, you have to make it appealing and persuading in order for you to have charisma online.

ezine ads

Here is a clue that will help your readers to find what they need in your ezine ad.

To do this, you make a simple table of contents for all the readers to be familiar with what they will see in your ad.  When they are guided through your ad, you can give them the ease and convenience they need. As a result, they are more likely to make a purchase. When they find your business is amazing, they may distribute referrals without you knowing. 

They may recommend you to their friends, colleagues, neighbors, family members, and others. However, make sure that you have high quality service or product so you can accomplish great outcomes.  When including a joke and or a quote, make sure that it is relevant to your offer and target it to an audience that are interested in your ezine ad.

Conversely, when you add something that is not related to your business or to your potential customers, they will definitely get irritated, which may frustrate your goals. 

Encourage your Readers to Pass your Newsletter Onto Others.

If you want to be sure that scores of people know your service, you have to write your business ad in the easiest way for them to subscribe to.  In other words, when you encourage your readers to pass your newsletter to others, there should be a very clear and understandable instruction.

Furthermore, when you forget to include it and you say that all of your readers can pass it to their close friends, relatives, etc., this will affect your credibility as a business owner. Thus, you have to double check that those instructions are as clear as possible. 

Create great content.

Aside from the things mentioned, you need to create the great content so that you will be guaranteed that you can increase awareness about your business.  If you do not know how to include that in your ezine ad, you can hire a certified professional writer to help you. 

If you do not have the means to pay someone and you decide to it by yourself, you should research, and study sufficiently to be conversant and well-informed. 

The content should be expressed in a friendly manner.

Never attempt to challenge your reader as they will have a negative impression about you. In so far as possible, write your ezine ad in a professional and friendly manner. 

Therefore, your business ad should have the following features given above so that you can use it properly. Aside from that, you have to love what you do so your best will assist you to advance your business and take it to the next level.  



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