How to Use Ezine Solo ads



The advantage of  Solo Ads, is now you can advertise your services and products via the internet through different strategies and methods. One strategy being, solo ads pertain to the promotional email you are sending onto your subscriber to direct them to your newsletter.

Solo ads are an excellent option in promoting your service or product when you properly perform it.  You don’t need analytical knowledge like what SEO or pay-per-click requires. However, you need to apply the right methods to generate a successful return of investment from it.

So do you want to know on how to use this form of advertising?  First of all, simply pay a particular newsletter publisher to send your solo ads to their mailing list.

On the other hand, as price varies according to such items, like lead quality, number of subscribers, the popularity of the E-zine. Therefore its important to keep in mind that your advertisement will be exclusive and won’t compromise other messages or advertising.

Here are some tips for you to maximize your Ezine solo ads’profitability:

Make the most of the subject line

The subject line is considered as the most significant element. It must be interesting and captivating so your readers will keep reading your solo ads.  It is vital that it attracts interest and attention.

Use appropriate words

Make use of those benefit-laden and expressive words and use caps in your writing. However, be sure never ever to exaggerate and be genuine. This will attract readers most, especially when you write your phrases in caps. For instance. You can say “OUR 70% DISCOUNT OFFER” will end in just 24 hours! “SO GRAB IT NOW!”

So, when your target audience is skimming content, they will most likely notice your DISCOUNT and GRAB THIS NOW. 

Limit your ads into 60 characters only

You must format your advertisement to fit 60 characters for the convenience of reading it.

Make a sense of scarcity and urgency

The best example is when you are telling your audience that your offer is only for a limited time and available to the first 5 clients.  The likelihood is that they will to move quickly or else they would lose out.

Write short paragraph only

Through short paragraphs, it is easier for your target audience to read and comprehend what you are saying. Your paragraphs must not exceed of 4 lines. If it is possible add a testimonial, which adds a convincing power in your  Ezine Solo ads.

 Keep it short in scope

If it is possible, it is advantageous to make your ads short.  When they are long enough, there’s a high tendency that they will filtered easily by your emails.  As long as you know how to make them pass the spam filter.

Call to action

Always close your Ezine Solo ads with an effective call to action. This refers to the things you want your target audience to do once they have read your ad.

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