How to Start an Email Marketing Campaign


email marketing campaign

E-mail marketing keeps on evolving starting with simple autoresponders and one-way delivering of messages to a highly sophisticated manner of communicating with customers, which is referred to as e-mail 2.0.

This is simply because of the advancement of technology that makes entrepreneurs tailor messages that they send depending on the customer’s’ preferences, purchase history, interests and targeted e-mails that leads to better results.

The above facts about e-mails lead to the creation of email marketing campaign, which is very essential for small businesses. If you are a 21st century business enthusiast, you must understand the great benefit that it may give to your business.

Thus, if these terms are just new to you, try to consider the following steps that will help you create your own email marketing campaign.

  1. Decide the Campaign Objective

Before creating the first campaign, decide your purpose of communicating with customers. You may consider asking yourself with questions like

Who is your audience?

Why are you sending an email?

What you would like your customers to do?

What are your success metrics?

To define clear objectives and the manner of measuring the success of your campaign will lead to an effective campaign.

  1. Choosing service provider of email marketing

Selecting for correct ESP or Email Service Provider is one of the first things you need to do in launching successful marketing campaign. It is best not to use Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail and other email platforms in sending bulk emails.

  1. Building email list

Set-up your database thru email address of all the existing as well as potential customers. With the aid of ESPs you need to ad email sign-up form for an automatic link of email database.

When asking for site visitors, be assured of telling them the things they need to expect or things they will gain in engaging in your campaign.

  1. Understand the law

There are different laws to be followed upon sending promotional e-mail messages. Laws vary depending on the country you belong.

  1. Create an email

Understand that you have logistics set and you might want creating your own e-mail. Most self -service ESPs have selection of different email templates that can be customized with personal images and text.

Upon creating email marketing campaign, be sure to have attention grabbing headline, strong subject line and benefits driven content, large, clear call to action, good image or text ratio.

  1. Sending the Campaign

By the time that you’re done with your campaign, you can already send it. As you keep on advancing with your campaign, try considering the test of varied elements of the campaign.

  1. Measuring it success

By the time you send it, you may begin how well the email will perform. Depending on your objectives, you will have varied metrics in measuring your success.

Some of the metrics of success include open rate, number of registrants and number of orders.

If you desire to start your own email marketing campaign, you may consider the above steps to become successful in your chosen venture.

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