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AWeber is the leader in the email marketing industry and is trusted by over 100,000 businesses worldwide for their software’s highly reliable email deliver ability, expert customer support, user friendly interface, and secure system for those trusting them with one of their most valuable business assets, their subscriber list(s


AWeber features include –

Auto responders

Which allow you to set the date and time you want an email to be sent to some or all your subscribers stored with AWeber. You’re also able to set up your emails in a series that are mailed in a sequence you set from when a subscriber first signs up to indefinite.

You can organize these emails to be sent on a specific day during a specific time or in specific intervals as you see fit.


Email and Web Form Templates

Make it easy for any non-designer to take full advantage of presenting beautiful and professional designs for both their emails and the opt in forms used to collect subscriber information.

AWeber has hundreds of easy to customize templates that include single and multiple column designs. AWeber makes it easy for even the most technically inexperienced user to nice, professional emails and forms that match their site and brand.


Analytic tools

Make analyzing data for better marketing very simple. A user can easily track who’s opening emails, clicking links within emails, and proceeding to make purchases.

You can also segment subscribers using this information for better targeting and a higher response from those segments.

AWeber makes it easy to send targeted messages to subscribers based on information from analytics such as the information gathered at sign up or even location suggested from IP addresses.


Split Testing

Allows a user to know exactly what elements of an email work better than others. For example, a user can take a small group of subscribers and send half of them one subject line and the other half another to see which gets more opens.

When the results are in, the user can then use that subject line to send to a wider audience that will likely result in a higher overall open rate. A user can do the same for opt in forms to see what an audience responds better to.

Apps are also made available by AWeber to easy & simplify integration with social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, along with popular blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogspot and more.

AWeber also welcomes users to use their API to create an app for your own business solutions. You can also use AWeber in combination with your RSS feed for your blogs and sites that already use them.

AWeber also integrates with:


Subscribers from your Unbounce pages are added to your list


Add a sign-up form to your Drupal site


Customers become subscribers after a purchase through PayPal

And many more third party utilities.



MailChimp is known for one for one of the most user friendly email marketing platforms this industry has seen. It’s fairly easy to use design visual works of art, manage subscribers and track an email’s performance.

Advanced tools like segmentation, a/b testing and return on investment (ROI) tracking make analyzing data simple.

MailChimp also helps manage emails that bounce back and help to ultimately decrease that rate. It strategically breaks down bounce backs into hard or soft bounces. Soft bounces are email addresses that are valid, but for whatever reason, they couldn’t be delivered.

An example would be a unknowingly busy server, whereas hard bounces are from email addresses that no longer exist.

Knowing this data alone allows a user to easily remove invalid emails, saving time and money on emails that are no longer an access to a subscriber list.

MailChimp will remove an email automatically for a user if over the next five campaigns the email continues to prove itself invalid.

Equally important, MailChimp uses a spam filter checker or Inbox Inspector to tell you exactly what an email’s spam score is, and suggestions on improving the score, making the chances of the email’s deliver ability higher.

MailChimp prides itself on its analytically technology that includes a powerful abuse-detection aspect called Omnivore. Omnivore studies patterns in bad campaigns and predicts a campaign’s behavior before a user sends future emails. Mail Chimp’s video merge tags can save you a lot of time if a user includes videos in their email campaigns.

MailChimp makes it incredible easy to see how many people are clicking links and which links are being clicked the most.


Users can also see how many people have unsubscribed.


Both AWeber and MailChimp make it easy to view what percentage of people opened mails (known as the open rate).

MailChimp also gives users suggestions on their subject line for each email they create.

A user simply enters words or phrases related to an ideal subject line and MailChimp will compare it to all subject lines ever used in their system, resulting in the best open rates.


Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another popular provider for email marketing management. Constant Contact is known for its wide variety of options for customizing emails.

They have one of the largest selections for both the non-designer and the more experienced designer.

Using Constant Contact’s Advanced Editor a designer may use their own HTML design by simply copy and pasting it into the custom template.

Testing your email in any email management software is important. Each provider listed above provides testing tools to ensure your email is delivered as planned as well as gives the user an idea of how the settings will be outputted to future readers.

When you send a test email, keep in mind what folders the email lands in, if any and all links go to their correct designation, custom designs appear correct and aligned, and the email’s presentation is satisfactory.


Some different aspects to be tested include:

Days of the week that get better open rates
The time of day that work best for promotions that result or anticipate results in sales
The time of day that work best for informative “newsletter” campaigns
Types of subject line style works best (long, short, subject lines including the company name, subject lines that act as questions, subject line, etc.)
A company’s name in the “From” line, or a human’s name
The time of day that work best for higher overall click rate

There are however some disadvantages to split testing if not used over a lengthy period of time and properly analyzed, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

Often time split testing only tests one element at a time, not multiple elements that may or may not offset results of another element.

Split testing can also result in inefficient data collection for some or all of your subscribers due to testing what works better than others. Split testing can pick only one type of data at one time.

Multivariate tests can make much more efficient testing by collecting many variables at one time.



Best Practices and Important Tips

Though Constant Contact provides one of the best features for customization for the user, all of the mentioned tools allow a certain level of customization using HTML.

A few advantages to using HTML to customize emails include:
HTML makes it easy to build a company’s brand, allowing the display of company colors, logo, custom fonts and images.

Animations can act as links and prompt a higher click through rate. Some editors may allow the embedding of video, which has been proven to keep readers engaged and increase the desired action of the viewer.

HTML email templates also make it fast and easy to create new emails and stay consistent with the look and feel of emails presented to subscribers.

Whether using a HTML or a text editor it’s important that emails get to their desired destination. Some words will stop that from happening due to filters built in by popular emails providers such as AOL, MSN, and Yahoo.

These spam filters take a close look at words with in the subject lines and body’s of each email. Below are a list of commonly used words and phrases that trigger these spam filter:

Act now
All new
[number]% off
Call now
Earn money
Double your income
You’re a winner
Cash bonus
While supplies last
Why pay more

Excesses use of punctuation marks and symbols and capital letters.

Easily decrease your chances of having your email not be delivered by following these simple steps:
Use the above listed trigger words sparingly, if at all.

Be mindful of the audience and the language they use and are familiar with. If in doubt, don’t use the language being questioned.

Merchants should avoid linking to or writing anything in emails about drugs, multi level or pyramid marketing, gambling, alcohol, weapons, pirated materials, obscene language, vulgar actions of violence, pornography, escort services, instructions on making or purchasing illegal goods or weapons, instructions on how to commit any type of illegal or fraudulent activity.

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