Double Opt in Email Marketing Strategy


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The trends of shopping have changed today. More people prefer to do the online shopping as compared to the traditional methods. This calls for a different kind of advertising strategy as well.

The email marketing strategy would be the perfect solution to this issue of raising awareness of a product among the people today.

The easy availability of the internet allows people to check their emails frequently. Hence, the email would be the perfect medium for inserting your solo ad campaigns.   

The email marketing methods are becoming popular day by day. Today, you can find the bulk of the marketing done online. People familiar with this mode would know that there are many methods of doing the marketing.

The single opt-in and the double opt-in email advertising methods are some of them. We shall explore the difference between the two and compare the same.

The single opt-in method of email marketing envisages the consumer to submit their emails for ensuring the flow of marketing messages to their inbox. This could be uncontrollable after some time, as you would find your inbox full of emails.

This would not only clog your email inbox but also make you miss some of your important emails as well. This could result in the collection of spam emails. The purpose of advertising through the email-marketing mode would become a futile exercise.

To avoid such a scenario, the business enterprises can adopt the double opt-in email advertising method. In this method, the user would have to validate the email authorizing the business enterprise to send further notifications.

Under such circumstances, the spam emails go out of the equation. Your product information reaches the inbox correctly thereby serving its main purpose.

The solo ad is a great way of advertising your product. This particular method ensures that the user gives undivided attention to your advertisements, as there would be no other distractions. This can improve the chances of the user patronizing your product, thereby resulting in a genuine sale transaction.

The business enterprise has to maintain certain precautions while utilizing the solo ads method of email marketing. In the first instance, the solo ads would be expensive in comparison with the multiple ads marketing. This would be obvious.

Therefore, it becomes the prime duty of the business enterprise to check whether the messages go to the correct niche of customers. In case it goes to the wrong niche, there would be no point in advertising the product anyway.

Secondly, they must also ensure that the niche that receives the advertisements have the interest and the inclination to shop online. The selection of the vendor becomes very important at this stage. A proper vendor would do a great job.

Each solo ad should have a great heading in order to grab the attention of the viewer. The viewer would be in a great hurry. The natural tendency would be to skip the ads. A great heading would compel him or her to bestow immediate attention thereby increasing the chances of conversion.  


 Using solo ads for complete product awareness 

 solo ad


Promotion of one’s business is of great importance. Otherwise, people would not be aware of the products or services. The awareness of the product would make the customers want the same thereby increasing its sales.

Advertising the products and its benefits would be the only way to create the awareness of the same. The solo ads ezines can play a great role in bringing the benefits of the product to the end user.

Nowadays, the people do not rely much on the print and the audiovisual media for the advertisements. The eBooks and the Ezines serve the purpose today.

The advantage of advertising in the Ezines is that the details of the product can reach a targeted audience. The Ezine ads cater to particular niches. The business enterprises should ensure that they post the emails in the appropriate niches. The concept of the solo ads is a simple but effective one.

As the name suggests, the solo ads play a great role in bringing the awareness of the products to the customers. The solo ads can solicit the undivided attraction of the viewer thereby enabling him or her to take a measured decision.

There would be no distractions of any sort from other advertisements. Therefore, the process of generating solo ads would naturally be more expensive. At the same time, there would be a greater effectiveness as well.

The business enterprises should ensure that they provide attractive headings for their solo ads. The headings would decide whether the customer moves forward to read the advertisement or not.

The customer of today does not have the requisite time at his disposal. Hence, it becomes very important to grab his attention. A high-quality heading can grab the attention in a positive manner.

The heading would make the customer want to read the message. However, the contents of the mail should be engaging enough for him to patronize the product.

Therefore, the message content should be of a compelling nature. It should highlight the benefits available to the customer. The customer would not care much about the features if the product were to be beneficial to him overall.

The business enterprises should always prefer to use the vendor who offers the double opt-in methodology. This would avoid the spam complaints and thus ensure that the product reaches the person interested in the same.

The business enterprise should also ensure that the solo ads ezines run for multiple times. When the ads run for multiple times the public interest develops on its own. This would also give the business enterprises to correct their mistakes if any. This can result in the betterment of the campaign.

Every email message containing the solo ads should have a call to action option whereby you would get the immediate feedback from the customer.

This would enable you to deal with the customer request on an urgent basis. In the case of any complaints, you have the option of rectifying the same immediately as well. The call to action option can also act as a pressure tactic on the customer to act quickly.  


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