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When it comes to driving more Traffic To Your Business you need three essential items; 

  • Quality,
  • Quantity, 
  • Targeted Buyers.

And applying proven solo ads to your advertising arsenal can help you find the perfect leads.

I have tested many traffic sources that include Social Media, SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ad words, BuySellAds, PPV, CPA, Stumbleupon, the list is endless. Whilst keeping in mind that not all traffic is the same.

I have had many failed campaigns, and some successful, consequently you start to recognize that some traffic sources are just not worth the effort, but some are definitely worth it.

Naturally, it’s not just about driving traffic. The squeeze page or landing page you are using also matters. However, what happened is, over time, knowing what traffic source to use for which squeeze page became all important.

Therefore it is vital to know your market and its demographics. From this, you can decide on what method of advertising can best be utilized.

Email marketing, is the one piece of the puzzle that ties up your marketing in many ways since it’s has one of the highest ROI compared to other marketing strategies.

I have learnt from and followed many training courses on how to build your list using solo ads. The one main theme coming from this research is that it’s extremely important to associate list building with all your marketing activity.

Consequently the use of opt in web forms and providing incentive for leads to subscribe to you is essential to become successful in all of your marketing campaigns. Therefore, so real trust to develop between you and your subscribers, quality resources and content is crucial.

For my experience, they have outperformed every other traffic source especially when I wanted to drive traffic to my opt in/squeeze pages and build an email list.

I hope to cover in detail and give you some understanding to start buying and selling solo ads.

What Are Solo Ads

Solo Advertising is a technique of driving traffic to your business landing pages by buying clicks from other people with email lists.

There are three characters in a solo ad business deal:

  • The Buyer: When you’re buying clicks
  • The Seller: When you’re selling clicks
  • The Network: A Marketplace/Network for solo ad business deals


How the solo ad process works:

The solo ad seller has a responsive list; they can send hundreds of clicks with a promotion to a portion of their entire list without too much effort because they have built their list over time with trust and respect.

Consequently, for you to build your list, you need to get in touch with them. So you can begin generating solo ad traffic to your business offer. They will let you know the number of clicks they can send your way and the Cost Per Click.

They may then look at your landing page and the offer advice in line with promoting in the back end.

Once the seller is satisfied that it’s something their list would like hearing about, you then make an upfront payment and they give you a special link to track how many clicks you received.

The seller may possibly go in and recommend some suggestions for improving conversions on your opt in page as well.

This depends largely on your approach and willingness to ask questions and open discussion on what is possible for you whilst using their list.

Choosing a reputable seller is vital and understanding how their subscribers like to read emails. You then provide your email swipes which may be adjusted to the conversational tone commonly used for that specific email list. The seller will then schedule an email for you.

So when they see an email from the seller recommending a giveaway, they may well click the link in the email and go through the tracking link to your opt in page.

Whoever opts in, then becomes a part of your email list and from then on, it’s your opportunity to build a relationship with them.

Before you started gaining traction, many sellers preceded to scam people because there was no buyer protection. They would take money from the buyer and run their ad with low-priced traffic from other resources, typically unrelated to the offer and therefore gain significant profit.

As a result many buyers are totally ripped off. However many top line marketers started to review these types of ads, and slowly it became a conventional way of driving traffic to your opt in pages. So long as you find a trustworthy seller to begin with.

Most Important aspect of List Building: Be Prepared

There are a few items you require before you can begin buying solo ads.

  • The opt in page.

If you don’t know the conversion rates on your optin page, then setup split testing. I recommend Lead pages for setting up your optin pages because they have built-in click tracking, A-B split testing, and they let you drive unlimited traffic. Naturally, they have some beautiful optin page templates that you can edit very easily using their click-click interface.

  • Click tracking.

There are numerous instruments out there that let you track clicks. You may use Bitly, or or tinyurl or even install a plugin like Pretty Link inside WordPress for tracking your clicks.

If you would like a premium service ClickMagick which is used by a great number of people who are into solo ads. It’s not that dear and they have plenty of great features like cloaking, rotating etc.

It’s imperative to use click tracking, for the reason that if you give a link to the solo ad seller, then you’re relying on their click tracking service to determine how many clicks they actually sent.

Some can be trusted but it’s better to have that knowledge yourself without relying on them. It’s also more professional.

  • Sales Funnel Set up

The bare minimum funnel includes an optin page and a POP (Post Opt in Page, also called a Thank You Page). The POP is your most important page because a subscriber has just taken action and opted in to your list.

They are prepared to give you their attention and wish to learn more about you. It’s like talking to a strange person.

They say ‘Hi’, and shake your hand. It would be bad-mannered if you just shrugged and went on your way. You need to SELL something on that POP. It can be an affiliate offer that’s successful. It can be your own product. It can in addition be the genuine giveaway for which they opted in.

  • Autoresponder pre-schedule emails.

The content of the autoresponder emails will vary with the landing page you’ve created. If you’re promoting an affiliate product, then the first email will have the giveaway and the next 2-3 emails scheduled to go out once a day will promote that affiliate product.

If you’re promoting your own product in the back-end, then you can set up autoresponders that entice your subscribers to check out what you have to offer from the beginning.

  • Email swipe.

An email swipe is a sample email that you will give to the solo ad seller. They may or may not edit it because they have to send it to their list after all. The swipe should have information about the giveaway and what they can expect to get after they click the link in that email along with a strong call to action.  

You could say “Hey, I wanted to let you know that I have a free gift for you. I also have information that I think you will find valuable if you’re interested in this”. You can put “free gift for visiting this site” in your signature line. Add a line to each email that goes out. It can say, “Get a free gift and useful information at this site.”

Here are a couple of key questions to think about when you try to determine what to give to your list.

  • What does your audience want?
  • Do you know people who are looking for a business opportunity?
  • Are they looking to save time, save money or make money?

What do they need that they can’t find now. If you’re doing list-building in a niche that you’re passionate about, you can make solid headway by providing ways to help them and solve their problems.

So in conclusion here are the six parts of a solo ad.

  1. The headline
  2. The claim
  3. The benefits
  4. The reason why
  5. The proof
  6. The call to action

HOW do you use those to YOUR advantage? 

Well, the three keys I feel are most important.

  1. The headline matters most
  2. Your copy does not need to be long … but it does need to be powerful
  3. Tell them what to do early and often

The solo ad is an incredible source for the creation of your own email list. By using your message and the solo sellers email list of targeted subscribers you can develop a significant email list.  

Solo ads are designed to create curiosity. Once your prospect clicks your link they choose to get on your mailing list. From thereon they will receive follow up messages and, you have the opportunity to make a sale! 

Finally, as a recommendation, if you are searching for an effective Ezine to develop your solo ad campaign, then start with the Directory of Ezine 

It is the ultimate resource for advertising. The DOE has all the listed Ezines and other resources that will make life so much easier, especially if you’re just starting out.


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