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I would like to begin this review by saying that I’ve been a member of the directory of ezines since 2010.

So today for those of you that don’t know let’s take a good look at what the DOE is all about.

Now the DOE has gone through some changes and updates over the years, especially since I joined 7 years ago. The DOE is much different to other directories such as the Ezine Article Directory which is a sharing site for articles. It has a database of high quality ezines that sell advertising, publish articles and perform joint ventures.


What is the DOE?

It is a platform where you will have access to hundreds of ezines that will allow you to send solo ads to their mailing list. There are a lot of ezines in a variety of niches where you have to potential to find untapped traffic and highly qualified customers.

Basically, it holds a large compilation of ezines, personally picked by Charles Page, that are enlisted in specialized topics and categories. 


What are ezines?

They are online newsletters of electronic magazines that are sent out to subscribers via email or in the website format.

They cater to a wide variety of niches. Since ezines are sent out to a targeted group of people, ezine marketing is extremely effective in increasing your website traffic and converting sales

The Directory provides up-to-date information on ezine niches, publishers, circulations as well as the different options and rates of advertising. Charlie Page is extremely selective about listing ezines in his directory.

He ensures that the ezine publisher is 100% legitimate and publishes only premium quality ezines with very responsive subscribers.

The DOE has only good quality ezine publishers, which have been sourced for the specific reason of making the process hassle free and as a result reduce your expenditure significantly. Therefore, you can be confident of having an excellent source of advertising options when you sign up for this program. 

When you sign up for this program, you will learn how to develop a strategy and marketing action plan.

To help you to grow your article marketing, email marketing and solo ad advertising campaigns. You will also learn how to make the most out of ezine marketing from a person who has been in the industry for a very long time. 

So how does it work?

Once you’ve subscribed to this program, all you have to do next is browse through the categories.

Do these until you end up finding the niche that you would like to sell your products to?

Once you have found your niche market, as a member of the DOE you now have the opportunity to learn how to connect with your customers.

To understand who your customers are, what problems they face and how your product or service can resolve they pain is actually what you will learn throughout the program.

This in itself is an incredible advantage that will ultimately save you loads of time and money.

Go to that list and you’ll find the list of ezines that possess subscribers who’re interested in the products you’re selling.

Besides every listing, you shall see the size of subscriber base, the ad types that the ezine will run as well as a concise description of the ezine.

Who is it meant for?

This marketing platform can be utilized by anyone who wishes to build a successful business online.

So whether you’re a seasoned internet marketer, or a newbie to the virtual world, this program is flexible enough to adapt to your needs and will give you first-rate returns. For those who focus on affiliate marketing, it is certain to give you great assistance. It is something that has helped me a great deal over my journey online.

In fact, most top line affiliate marketers frequently adopt Ezine advertising as their sole marketing approach to drive traffic to their sites. 

This is in my opinion the true benefit of Ezine advertising.

You will know exactly who and what your targeted market is, even before you start paying for advertising. And having this knowledge will quicken your progress in growing success

So let’s now look at the benefits of the DOE.

To my mind, there are 7 clear advantages to being a life time member.



1# In-depth Training & Tools: 

You will uncover a exceptional training in this program.

Also, the database of ezines is updated regularly to include new, tested ezines so there are no outdated ones.

You will gain access to hundreds of ezines that belong to a wide variety of categories. 

I really like the fact that there is training on how to send solo ads for example.

This training will provide modules on copy writing, email advertising, conversion rate optimization and some other strategies on how to make money.

This is a huge advantage especially to those who are new to online marketing.

2# Responsive Community: 

As a member, you will be welcomed by a community of professionals who are ever ready to help you with your queries.

In fact, one-on-one consultations are available with Charlie if you need personal assistance. 

3# Dependable Support System: 

A great advantage of this program is that the owner, Charlie Page himself is 24×7 available to help you with your queries.

Remember, when you have a connection with the owner, you can confidently vouch for the credibility of any program.

4# One Time Payment: 

This membership incurs a one-time fee.

After payment there are no more interruptions, no hidden costs or unforeseen penalties.

You can access a wealth of ezines and use this program in any way to succeed. 

It also includes some cool bonuses and of course, a 60 Day money back guarantee being a Clickbank Product.

5# Lifelong Membership: 

In this program, once you become a subscriber, you remain a subscriber.

You can access the training modules, ezines list, advertising coupons and everything else that’s included in the program, all your life. 

6# Affiliate Program Support: 

There is a special feature of affiliate marketing wherein you will find specific modules covering all aspects of affiliate marketing.


This is probably the main benefit of this product as you will receive a discount on the packages that you buy which will pay back the $197 over and over again.

To sum it up, the Directory of Ezines is a great marketing tool for beginners and seasoned marketers alike.

Apart from getting a lifelong supply of profitable ezines to market your products, you also get premium-quality training that guides you on how to succeed in your advertising campaigns and how to make profits.

It’s also a great marketing tool for affiliate marketers to use Ezine advertising as part of their overall marketing strategies.

The real benefits of Ezine advertising is that before you spend any money advertising you will know exactly who and where you’re targeted markets are. 

And knowing this information is like a road map. It can get you where you are going a lot faster and for less money.

It’s uncomplicated and common sense approach won’t leave you lost with nowhere to go

Furthermore, along with access to qualified ezines, you will also learn how to use them in profitable ways and what to watch out for as well. 

The big benefit to Directory of Ezines is that they have a community that is there to help you if you need it.

If you get stuck or you need help Charlie is there to answer your questions.

I would highly recommend it if you’re serious about earning a 5+ figure income online and doing it much faster than waiting for the search engines to rank your content.  

For the past 7 years this program has been really great for me.

Charlie Page has a practical and common sense approach to marketing that has pretty much stood the test of time.

And I think that it can help anyone that wants to learn the process and creation of Ezines.

Along with article and content marketing, solo ad advertising and email marketing.

Combining all these very important marketing features together under one membership, the DOE is a valuable resource that you can come back to time and time again.

On a personal level the DOE has taken that feeling of being totally overwhelmed and despondent about how I was ever going to fulfill my dream of earning a living online.

And its common sense approach has given me a proven marketing plan that works to run my business online.

If you would like more information about the Directory of Ezines you can read an interview l conducted last year with Charlie Page himself.

Where he discusses the advantages of the DOE and how it can help marketers of all levels succeed online.



I hope you enjoy it.

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