The Directory of Ezines Review with Mr. Charlie Page 


directory of ezines review

Thank you Charlie for this opportunity to interview you as an expert in the ezine marketing field. I have ten questions that I would like to ask you in relation to the Directory of Ezines Review and how it may help a beginner internet marketer start their online business.




10 Questions



  • Given that, your audience is a very large group of internet/affiliate marketers. What is the most important problem the Directory of Ezines might solve?


The main problems the DOE solves are problems of time and money. When it comes time to send an ad via email you want to send that ad to a list you know will be responsive.

But how can you do that? There are a few ways.

One is to Google sites that match up to the product you are promoting. Then visit each site and contact them to see IF they have a list. And IF they sell ads. And IF they do, how much they are. And IF they do, and you can afford them, when is their next availability.

At the DOE we say “we do the research so you don’t have to”. And this is just the type of research we do.

Members save time because they can view the listings in the DOE to find ezines well-suited to their offer.

Many publishers offer a DOE member-only discount. And that helps solve the problem of saving money.


  • What are the most important features and benefits that online marketers, especially those starting out might gain from using the Directory of Ezines?


I believe there are two features that new online marketers will find helpful. First, our database of ezines will help them save time when needing to buy advertising.

Second, I have placed a considerable amount of teaching inside the DOE about online advertising, solo ads, tracking and testing and more. It’s like a mini-education in online marketing, designed to help members get off to a fast start.


  • Can you describe a particular instance how someone could use these features?


Sure can. Let’s say a person is on a forum and hears about “solo ads”. You just HAVE to run solo ads they are told by a coach, mentor or fellow forum member.


But what is an “ezine”? And what are “solo ads”?


These terms do not exist outside of the Internet. They are online-marketing specific terms that people find confusing.

Our teaching information will give members a way to understand the territory of online marketing so they can get done what they need to get done more quickly.

I like to say the DOE is like a map. If you want to get to a new destination you don’t leave home without a map. And advertising in ezines without the DOE is just like leaving home without that map.


  • For those within the online marketing industry and do not use the Directory of Ezines. How would using the DOE improve their position in developing a stronger more successful business?


The DOE will help them reach audiences they may be overlooking now. The combined listings in the DOE represent millions of readers. Not all online marketers will be familiar with all of our listings.

And the DOE will help them save time by quickly finding the right ezines in the right niche.

Being able to reach new audiences quickly and cost-effectively is very important to any online business person. The DOE helps them do just that.


  • Is there an instance that you can recall where someone used the Directory of Ezines that helped them to solve problem(s) with their business marketing and online advertising?


Many times. I am not a liberty to disclose names however. I respect my members’ privacy and when I consult with them what we discuss stays between us.

I will say however that our testimonials speak for themselves. When people like Yanik Sliver, Jim Daniels and Ali Brown send you unsolicited testimonials you know you are doing something right.

We are honored to serve all members, not just the famous ones.


  • How would you best describe the DOE to a new person getting started with internet marketing for the first time?


We are like a yellow pages (or search engine) for online newsletters (also called “ezines) that sell advertising for a fee. We can help you find the right ezine to promote your product in quickly and easily.


  • Who, in your opinion, would be best suited to using the DOE?


Anyone who needs to buy cost-effective advertising and wants to do that in the email marketing world.

And anyone who wants to build their list quickly too.

The reason I mention list building is simple – people who subscribe to ezines (online newsletters) actually READ those ezines. And they pay close attention to the ads in the ezines and sent to their email.

And because they have ALREADY subscribed to the ezine, they are much more likely to subscribe to your list as well.

This is why ezine advertising works so well for people using squeeze pages and lead magnets. Where big social media channels and search engines say “no” to advertise a squeeze page ezine say a great big “YES!”

And that is music to any online marketer’s ears.


  • What are the specific features and benefits that the DOE has to offer someone starting out?


Our core education will help end confusion about online marketing and help them find the right advertising sources quickly.

To be more specific, because we categorize our listings members save huge amounts of time.


  • What do you see as the implications of applying the features and benefits of the DOE for the budding internet marketer?


What we do best is clear up the confusion and help people find affordable advertising sources quickly. In today’s world no one has enough time or money.

We help members save both.


  • Is there anything else you would like to add as the owner of the Directory that may help a person starting on their internet-marketing journey for the first time?


Simply the fact that we have been online since 1997. The DOE has been around, seen the changes that have taken place and adapted to each of them.

Today there are many “click sellers” online. They will sell you 100 clicks for some low fee and never tell you how they built their list, how many ads they send or any of the other details you need.

The DOE is dedicated to helping members buy ads the common sense way. And that means knowing what an ezine is all about, being able to subscribe to it yourself and see what you get, and being able to know how they build their list.

Thank you, Charlie for making time in your very busy schedule to participate in this interview and for your kind considerations in answering my questions.




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