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There are various kinds of online advertisements. Some are effective, while others are just annoying.

Which kind of online advertisement should you use to drive more traffic to your site and increase your sales?

Here are 5 ways to optimise your Digital Advertising with a clear precise goal to increase your success rate.

First and foremost it’s so important to

  1. Establish a goal

Getting your brand, product or service in front of potential clients is important to business development, but it is imperative to begin any digital advertising with a plan and a clear goal.

Online advertising is a cost-effective way to spread a wide net, but marketers need to ensure that their online success isn’t left to chance.

Clearly define WHAT you are advertising (For example, are you running a brand awareness campaign, incentive’s for purchasing, or seeking attendees for an event?).

With a goal in mind, outline the desired outcome or behavior you want the advertisement to achieve.

  1. Have a clear call to action

Once you have determined the action you want a potential customer to take after seeing your ad (like registering for an event or donating to a fundraiser), the next step is to ensure that you are clearly communicating that goal.

It may seem basic, but including language like “Register Now” or “Request your FREE Quote” gives your audience a reason to take the next step (by clicking on your ad).

An effective advertisement will have a single goal and a single call to action to prevent confusion and missed audience interaction.


  1. Make it measurable

The most overlooked and most important aspect of digital marketing is measurability. After determining a goal and a call to action, the next step is to track its success or failure.

If your language, images or calls to action are ineffective, it’s important to be aware of this and to modify the next round of promotions.

In order to track the success of your digital ads, monitor click-through s, sign-ups, leads and donations. Over time, you will be able to measure campaigns against each other to determine what resonates with your target audience and what doesn’t.


  1. Mobile first

Whether your digital advertising are designed in-house or through an agency, all of your ads and emails should be designed mobile first. Email and Web pages are being accessed in larger and larger numbers through mobile devices, with increased growth anticipated.

Ads and emails should be optimized for cell phone access. Larger fonts, fewer click points and limited language can help your ad stand out on mobile.


  1. Create multiple entry points

One advertising rule of thumb states that an average customer needs exposure to an advertisement three times before taking action. Create multiple channels for your audience base through email marketing, email advertising, run-of-site advertising, print exposure and social media.

Integrated marketing campaigns can increase customer awareness and will boost the size of your potential audience.

The type of ad to follow depends on your marketing budget and the kind of business you are running. Your goal is to drive more traffic to your site, grab people’s attention and increase your conversions, so choose the right advertisement.


Crain’s advertising executives can work with your company to create a custom digital and integrated advertising strategy to reach your target audience. Schedule your free promotions consultation today!




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