7 Business Ideas to Make a Profit Online


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If you’re in business on the Internet to make a profit, then here are some business ideas you can try to help you succeed. Firstly, you’re probably aware of the importance, a list of prospects is to your success online. 

But what if you don’t wish to spend numerous hours each and every week promoting, writing and managing a nonstop email newsletter?

For those of us who don’t have the time or the resources, here is a strategy you can apply to cultivate a list of prospects that not only trust you, but are also excited to get more of your knowledge and expertise. 

It’s also exclusive to facing the overwhelming task of writing a newsletter issue every week and exhausting precious hours of your business day. 


Here is the strategy!

It’s quite simple! You use an autoresponder to store a pre-written newsletter publication. You can then let the autoresponder send out the pre-written issues to every one of your subscribers every week like clockwork.

At first, it requires some work to set up. However, the secret is using your time wisely.

And make sure, you can write an issue each week. When time permits, you can group 3 issues together, all at once, therefore you won’t need to write something for the next three weeks as long as you set each issue to go out weekly.

If you have your written material such as your own info-products to source from, then this strategy will come in very handy and free up a great deal of your time. 

Instead of being forced to write a newsletter issue on a weekly basis, you can in fact write each issue in your own time, and basically add it to autoresponder for your subscribers to receive when called for.

The best aspect is that your subscribers always get to read all of your issues regardless of when they subscribe. And after creating a certain number of issues, you can make a decision to stop writing and follow a routine, where there is no particular interval for future issues. 

You can write an issue every week, if you like, although you may be more comfortable sending out an email whenever you have comment or advise to make, or perhaps when you have a new article to send.

Keep in mind, there are no golden rules when it comes to developing your email list.


A gold mine of opportunities!

Do you spend loads of time and energy encouraging prospective new customers, to buy from you? If you are then you’re probably missing an available source of sales that exists right inside your business —

There’s truth in the claim that your existing customer list is one of your most precious assets.

There’s a gold mine of opportunities to make easier sales and create a loyal following of customers that will return time and again by using your existing customer base to nurture your business. 

Use that stack of invoices and sales receipts to generate more profit for your business. Create loyal customers who will come back time and again to boost your business profit margins?

Simply by using their names and addresses written on the receipts.

By sending them up dates on product information, product specials and discounts you can potentially increase your sales by providing current and relevant information that is appropriate to what the customer has already bought and may buy again.

Keeping your customers informed of the current version or updated specifications to the product they have purchased from you is a great way in which you can create customer loyalty.

So when its time for them to up grade they already know where they can buy it.



Here are three solutions to creating customer loyalty.

  1. Know Who Your Customers Are

Compile and maintain a list of your customers. Examine their habits. Scrutinize your list so you know when and how they are doing business with you.

  1. Know What They are Worth

What is your customer’s long-term value? How often do they purchase from you and over what period of time? How many people do your customers refer to you? What are their spending habits?

For example, a $5 customer can really be worth over $50,000 in the long term and should be treated with reverence. Especially, if she was to spread the word that she likes the service and product you offer and tells her friends and family.

Word of mouth which is incredibly important for your business, can increase sales dramatically without much effort from you. Apart from providing the best service and products that you can, customer loyalty does the rest.

  1. Take Action

Your customers are very busy people. They need to be reminded that you exist and how you can resolve their problems, wants or needs without to much effort on their part.

Have you ever received mail from a company and decided to save it so you could “check them out later?” Then you find that piece of mail in your “to do” pile months later and realize you never contacted them.

Your customers do that too and you have to remind them.

Customer loyalty is not a hard discipline. Although it does take constant effort! Over 90% of small business owners are letting money walk out the door of their business each and every day.

By offering value to your customers in the shape of helpful information is one of the best ways to initiate, develop and set up solid customer relationships.

But, how do you continue, issue after issue, to make your newsletter stand out of the pack and keep your readers reading?

Here are four valuable guidelines which you can use to make sure that all your newsletters stay on track.

Make it practical.

With a business to business newsletter in particular, it’s difficult to get any traction with readers if you don’t give them some kind of actionable piece of advice with every issue you send.

They are often bombarded with emails, and will click the delete button as soon as possible. So the email must be practical or useful to their cause.

It has to stand out as a reliable, trustworthy piece of advise and information that is practical to the reader.

It is very important that you make them so frightened that if they delete your newsletter, they will miss some insight that would have made a considerable impact on their lives.

Useful information climbs to the top of the mountain, and when your newsletter is on top, you need not worry about how big the mountain is.

Make it Interesting.

Try and sound like the your the front page of the Wall Street Journal, with a little effort make our newsletters excel.

Incorporate personal yarns, conversational dialog and the occasional funny story that will keep your readers involved long enough for them to read the precise information you’re trying to give them.

They probably won’t read it just because it’s interesting, but they certainly won’t read it if it’s not.

Make it Simple.

An effective newsletter isn’t a doctoral opinion or thesis; it’s not even a case study. It’s one insight or tip or concept that your readers can understand and consider long enough to put into practice. 

If you provide too much information you will probably lose them. Give your readers something small enough to understand and remember.

Make it Authentic.

Your E-Newsletter is the voice of your business ideas and brand. It reveals your unique personality and business culture, whatever that happens to be. Each business has its own approach, language and even sense of humor.

Don’t hide all that in an effort to appear ultra professional. Marketing is the opposite of fitting in – do yourself a favor and fit out! Be yourself and be genuine with your customers.

Remember they are more likely to buy from you if they like you as a person, not only because of your products and service.

The primary focus of most business on the Internet is to make a profit. By incorporating proven business ideas and strategies such as developing a strong email list, providing current, valuable and practical information to your customers through a newsletter or email, you can enhance your business reputation, brand recognition and ultimately your profit margin.

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