What are the ‘BEST’ Ads to use for Your Campaigns?


best ads


If you want to sell something directly from your best ads, try Solo Mailings (one e-mail sent to all subscribers with no other ads in competition!)


If you want to TEST your ad or want to promote a FREE offer, try Classified, Top Sponsor or Bottom Ads.

They are much cheaper than Solos and could bring ‘POOR’ results. If you invest in Solo Ads, make sure your ad copy is short and to the point, don’t bore your prospect with long ad copy.

There are five distinct steps you must go through with a prospect in order to get them to say yes. 


Write these on an index card and use them as a checklist each time you make a presentation.


1) Attention

Without your prospect’s full attention, you can’t proceed. Make sure that your prospect pays attention to your selling message, not your graphics or hot color combos. 

Powerful words sell products.


2) Involvement

Once you have their attention, get them involved. Have them do something.

Ask them to sign up for your newsletter or take an online survey right from your home page. 

If they are interested enough to take this step, you’re headed in the right direction.


3) Conviction

They have to be convinced in order to buy. Make sure your words include the FACTS they need to make a logical decision.

Prospects buy on emotional impulse but if they can’t defend their purchase with logic you’ll lose the sale.


4) Desire

This is where the art of selling lives. THEY MUST WANT IT. Include strong emotional ‘hooks’ for people to relate to. Tell them exactly what’s in it for them. 

Remember that people are usually motivated by the promise of gain (making more money) or the fear of loss (act now before the price goes up).

The simple fact is that people will buy on an emotional impulse.

They may defend their purchase with logic (especially to their spouse but they buy things because they WANT to.

5) Close

If you’ve done your job in the four preceding points, closing is a matter of arranging the details.

But it is in this step that many sales are lost. 


Here’s the key to closing the sale. 

TELL them exactly what to do next and keep them laser focused on doing that one thing. 

Do NOT include links to other products or programs on your order page. 

Keep their focus on whipping out that credit card and buying now.

Make it simple and easy to do.

Now that you know the five steps of a sale, examine your website and selling material to see how you stack up.

No matter what you sell, the prospect must complete the steps before they will buy.


Preparing Ad Copy

Most Important aspect of Ad Copy: 

Be Prepared

There are a few items you require before you can begin buying solo ads.


The opt in page.

If you don’t know the conversion rates on your opt in page, then setup split testing. I recommend Leadpages for setting up your opt in pages because they have built-in click tracking, A-B split testing, and they let you drive unlimited traffic. 

Naturally, they have some beautiful opt in page templates that you can edit very easily using their click-click interface.


Click tracking.

There are numerous instruments out there that let you track clicks. You may use Bitly.com, or goo.gl or tinyurl.com or even install a plug-in like Pretty Link inside WordPress for tracking your clicks.

If you would like a premium service ClickMagick which is used by a great number of people who are into solo ads.

It’s not that dear and they have plenty of great features like cloaking, rotating etc.


It’s imperative to use click tracking, for the reason that if you give a naked link to the solo ad seller, then you’re relying on their click tracking service to determine how many clicks they actually sent. 

Some can be trusted but it’s better to have that knowledge yourself without relying on them. 

It’s also more professional.


Sales Funnel Set up

The bare minimum funnel includes an opt in page and a POP (Post Opt in Page, also called a Thank You Page). 

The POP is your most important page because a subscriber has just taken action and opted in to your list.

They are prepared to give you their attention and wish to learn more about you.

It’s like talking to a strange person.

They say ‘Hi’, and shake your hand. It would be bad-mannered if you just shrugged and went on your way.

You need to SELL something on that POP

It can be an affiliate offer that’s successful.  It can be your own product. It can in addition be the genuine giveaway for which they opted in.


Auto responder pre-schedule emails.

The content of the auto responder emails will vary with the landing page you’ve created.

If you’re promoting an affiliate product, then the first email will have the giveaway and the next 2-3 emails scheduled to go out once a day will promote that affiliate product.

If you’re promoting your own product in the back end, then you can set up auto responders that entice your subscribers to check out what you have to offer from the beginning.


Email swipe.

An email swipe is a sample email that you will give to the solo ad seller.

They may or may not edit it because they have to send it to their list after all. 

The swipe should have information about the giveaway and what they can expect to get after they click the link in that email along with a strong call to action.  

You could say “Hey, I wanted to let you know that I have a free gift for you.

I also have information that I think you will find valuable if you’re

Interested in this”.

You can put “free gift for visiting this site” in your signature line. 

Add a line to each email that goes out. It can say, “Get a free gift and useful information at this site.”


Here are a couple of key questions to think about when you try to determine what to give to your list.

What does your audience want?

Do you know people who are looking for a business opportunity?

Are they looking to save time, save money or make money?

What do they need that they can’t find now?


If you’re doing list-building in a niche that you’re passionate about, you can make solid headway by providing ways to help them and solve their problems

Here are the six parts of your best ads copy.

  1. The headline
  2. The claim
  3. The benefits
  4. The reason why
  5. The proof
  6. The call to action


HOW do you use those to YOUR advantage? 

Well, the three keys I feel are most important.

  1. The headline matters most
  2. Your copy does not need to be long … but it does need to be powerful
  3. Tell them what to do early and often


The ad is an incredible source for the creation of your own email list. By using your message and the solo sellers email list of targeted subscribers you can develop a significant email list.  

Solo ads are designed to create curiosity. Once your prospect clicks your link they choose to get on your mailing list. 

From thereon they will receive follow up messages and, you have the opportunity to make a sale! 


Placing your Ad.

Ezine publishers are the people who deal in these ads. And those publishers who will launch your ad are still the best source for providing and distributing your advertisement.   

For two central reasons.

  1. Ezine publishers put up for sale ads on a CPM basis, and
  2. Ezine subscribers want quality content from the Ezine. And importantly they are pre-qualified because you know what they are interested in by understanding what Ezines they read.


CPM means cost per thousand.

It’s the cost you pay for every 1000 subscribers to the Ezine. 


CPC means cost per click.

It is the cost you pay for each click from your ad. When you buy CPM advertising you get all the clicks that the ad generates. 

If your ad is good, and you have matched your offer to the subject of the Ezine, you will do much better with CPM.

Major paid advertisers always buy CPM ads because they want all the clicks, not some of the clicks. Some solo sellers offer “guaranteed clicks”.

With “guaranteed clicks” you are limited to the clicks you can pay for.

But what if your ad would have created three times the clicks you bought? Well, you just lose out.

The solo seller can do what he or she wants with those extra clicks.

This can be a big red flag, because it is very easy to buy traffic from China and get all the clicks you want.

Take a look at what they offer and you will see quality everywhere. When you are spending your hard earned money on advertising, quality matters.


The most common arrangement with online marketer is an ad swap, sometimes called a joint venture.  

It is an arrangement where I mail for you and you mail for me and we promote each other’s products.

As you can imagine, this can be very profitable.

As you can also imagine, these arrangements are hard to get.

But not impossible.


Here is my best tip for getting a JV with a big name.

 Do something for them first.

The best case scenario is to become their affiliate and work hard to promote for them.

No matter how big the name, they will notice their top affiliates. And when they notice you can ask about a JV.

Another option is to be introduced. John Maxwell asks everyone he meets “who do you know that I should know?”

Over the years this has opened more doors that you would believe.


Specialists who sell advertising.

There are advertising agencies that specialize in selling email ads along with solo ad promotion. These companies are few, and the prices you pay per thousand will be typically around $180.

Yes, $180 per 1000 names mailed.

If that seems steep to you then this form of advertising is not for you at this time. That’s okay.

There are many affordable solo sellers you can use and do well with your best ads .

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