Article Submissions is a Very Effective Marketing Strategy


article submissions

Hello Everyone

A lot of people don’t know that submitting articles *directly* to ezines is a wonderful way to supercharge article marketing efforts.

It makes perfect sense, but somehow this content marketing method of article submissions is grossly overlooked by beginners and gurus alike.

That is GOOD NEWS for you!

Here’s the logic of why submitting articles directly to ezines is a powerful and effective strategy. When you submit your article to an article directory you are one of MANY other articles on the site.

Maybe your article will be found – maybe not.

But when you article appears in an ezine is it the ONLY article in that ezine.

So, every reader of that ezine can read YOUR article without the distraction of a million other articles all screaming “read me!”

How can you find the right ezines for your articles?

The Directory of Ezines naturally!

If you are a member log in and start finding the right ezines now. If you are not a member go to this site and sign up. You get access to a HUGE list of ezines, helpful marketing lessons, and so much more.

The DOE will help you find great places to advertise, publish your articles and more! It’s a powerful resource, which is why all the top marketers are members too!

The link below will give you all the information you need. Whether or not, you’re in business online to promote your own products and services or someone else’s. The Directory of Ezine is an amazing resource and one I have been using now for the past 5 years.

My learning curve has been stratospheric because of what l have learnt from the DOE and I am positive it will help you too. Using article submissions to specific ezines found in the DOE can give you highly targeted audiences within your chosen niche.

I hope you will join us.

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