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If you are not making the money you want on the internet now, here are some practical ideas that may help you. These ideas apply equally to small business owners, home based business operators and network marketers.

If you have and continue to surf the internet looking around various sites for that magic formula that will automatically put money in my bank account without having to do anything. Like l did at the start, and then read on…

Why did I avoid the very actions that would generate money for my business?

Did I want to fail on internet marketing?

I was so easily distracted by the latest and greatest gadget or guru strategy to make money online that I spent all my time reviewing these at the expense of building my own business.

To be honest, I was deceiving myself into thinking that just because I had some links to various products and services on my web page I would make money. I had forgotten the first basic principle of making money online is if you have


Just having a web page does not mean anything. It’s a start and a foundation to build on but that’s all it is.

My first step to solve this problem, was to submitted my webpages to the search engines. When one of my pages enjoyed a listing within the top ten results for a keyword search, I had some extra traffic. Once I lost that position, the traffic dried up. I then tried resubmitting that page to regain my top 10 position but to no avail.

I had tried all the obvious ways to get people to my web pages without success. I had submitted a few free classified ads but this was a mind-numbing and time-consuming practice. The results were far from spectacular.

How do I make progress and what I have I learnt from this experience? There are a few of key factors that were clear from this experience – discipline, persistence, patience and belief.

Discipline is doing what needs to be done every day to achieve the goal you are aiming for.

Persistence – is continuing the process but making changes where necessary so that the goal is reached.

Patience – understanding that things don’t automatically come to you and that part of the overall experience is knowing what to do after you have learnt each part of the process. You can’t do it all at once!

Belief is the confidence that you can do it.

With this in mind, it was time to go back to the basics of marketing and to answer some fundamental questions. And  to understand more about my own business, the market I had chosen and my prospective customers. These are some of the questions l started to ask myself.

  • Who are people who will buy my product and/or service?
  • How can I reach them in the most cost-effective manner?

Once you know who will buy your product and/or service, then you can determine the best ways of contacting them.

To know who will buy your product and/or service, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the benefits to my potential buyers of my product and/or service?

Let us say that you are marketing a business opportunity. An important benefit of your opportunity is the ability of your prospect to make some extra money.

Other benefits could include no longer having to work for a boss, financial independence, realization of dreams such as overseas travel, the list could go on.

What people would gain from these benefits?

The best prospects may be those who are looking for a chance to increase their earnings. They could be people who are looking to start their own eCommerce but do not have a product or service to market. They could be people who have a small business and are looking for ways to increase their profits.

Consideration must be given to how we get in contact with these people.

  • Where do they gather on the internet?
  • Are there others on the internet who is already contacting this group(s) of people?

One of the easiest ways to research how to contact the people who will buy our product and/or service is to review all the ezines published. Today, there are many ezines that supply to various interest groups and there is sure to be an amount that will reach the people you need to contact.

Do a Google search to find sites where you can research ezines that may reach your target prospects.

The Directory of Ezines is one such website. Once you have found the ezines that your prospects are reading, you have two ways of using this to your advantage. Most ezines accept classified ads for a fee and this can be an effective way to bring to your site a flow of qualified traffic.

In addition to using ezines to find prospects, one of the most cost-effective means to attract customers is article marketing. Writing articles that spike interest and curiosity that interest your prospects and submitting them to the ezines that are related to the niche you operate in for publication.

Many ezines publishers are looking for good quality material they can publish for the benefit of their readers. This provides advantages and benefits to you and the ezine publisher. You achieve valuable free publicity for your website and the ezine editor receives a valuable contribution to their publication and their subscribers are happy.

Secret and POWERFUL Way to Build Your Opt In List

The targeted approach to contacting those who want to buy your product or service is generally the more cost effective way. This method is very powerful yet not many people use it. Email marketing has the highest return on investment than any other online marketing strategy.

It can rapidly add several hundred subscribers to your list and can be implemented in minutes. All you need is an article written in a special way and a little time or money to invest.

So here’s what you need to do with article marketing…

  • Write a article targeted to the specific interests of your readers.
  • Get the article in front of as many interested readers as possible.

Sounds so easy right!!

Well, articles are an excellent way to add subscribers to your opt in list. Subscribers will visit your website or sign up on your list after reading your article if you have struck an accord with them.

To make this happen you need a resource box at the bottom of the article stating your name and your recommendation(s).

To get hold of an article you can

  • Write it yourself or
  • Pay someone (article writing expert) to write the article for you.

When you have your article ready you need to get your article in front of as many prospective subscribers as possible. You can do this by submitting your article to article directories and to newsletter publishers.

To get your article accepted by as much publishers as possible you need to follow one simple strategy. The strategy is to include a product link somewhere in the article. This way the person who publishes your article can earn income as an affiliate.

This method will increase the chance that your article will be published. The chance that your article will be accepted will be much higher when the publisher can earn money from it by replacing the product website address with an affiliate link.

To increase the chance that your article will be accepted, write it in a way that either:

  • Offers a solution to a specific problem.
  • Informs the reader about some news or something that is worthwhile and practical for them.
  • Helps them in the process and makes their life a little easier.

If your article is written that way, it gives the reader a reason to read on and to consider acting upon what he/she reads.

When you have an article to submit is to article directories and publishers who will publish it. You can do it either manually or by an automated process.

A great way to get your article in front of many publishers is to use one of the article submission services which you can find by searching for “article submission services” on Google.

Some of these services will submit your article to more than 1,000 publishers. One of these services even submits your article to 3,900 publishers.

An essential part of the strategy is your article resource box. You need to make it detailed so that gets as many clicks as possible. The resource box should be up to 6 lines long and no more than 65 characters in each line.

If your resource box is longer, you risk losing the opportunity of your article being published.

Here’s the way how article resource box should be structured in a way that:

  • will grab your reader’s attention.
  • offer a benefit or solution to a problem.
  • and has a call to action.


Whether you have a website or not, you can apply your writing ability to produce short information-packed articles to submit to hundreds of online ezines, whose readership of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, will read each article you submit.

Since you will include your resource box at the end of each article with your website title, your email address, free offer, and benefit statement, people can get in touch with you and possibly become buyers. After reading your articles, most readers will be likely to buy. So long as you follow the strategy set out at the beginning of this piece.

The articles, reports, and eBooks that you submit through article marketing will definitely help promote your service as well.

When you have written a well-constructed article, giving real information and how-to’s to solve a problem, you will attract these potential buyers to the site where your promotion is sold.

Getting Started

First, produce five to ten articles from 500 -1200 words, focused on the how-to’s of your subject. Subscribe to several opt-in ezines. After subscribing, you will soon receive one or more articles from the Ezine per day. Remember you must first, subscribe, before you can submit.

Take time to read other people’s articles to see what format and content they use. What is the quality of their writing? This research is valuable, because it will enable you to model your articles after others and get what you write published.

Invest in Promotion

While we need promotion, how much time do we in reality put into it? I’d say I put around 5-7 hours a week into submitting articles.

Write several articles and submit one or so a week. By submitting to several publishers of opt-in ezines. The usual promotion investment for big results is 90% of your time.

For promotion online, you will invest minimal time for huge results. Build a strong foundation, automate sales fulfillment, and your business will run itself! All by writing quality, practical and actionable articles.

Now you need some luck so that many ezine publishers like your article and decide to publish it. And this can all be done in the convenience of your office or home.





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