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Many people go into affiliate marketing with the expectations of making some fast money whilst doing the least amount of work and research.

They anticipate to be making the kind of money super affiliates make without doing anything other than send out a few ezine ads.

The truth is it’s not easy especially if you don’t know what you’re doing! But if you do, you can make the great income that only a small percentage of affiliates are making.

However it does require, time effort and persistence!


Here are three questions to consider,

Do you have your own website?

Do you have a newsletter?

Do you send prospects directly from your advertising to your affiliate webpage?


If you don’t have either of the first two you stand very little chance of making large commissions through affiliate programs.

The top selling affiliate marketers have two things in common.

  • They all have their own websites and or newsletters
  • They never send prospects directly from their advertising straight to their affiliate webpage.


It’s really important if you are an affiliate marketer to have your own website with the ability to collect e-mail addresses. As you know the money is truly in the list.

As all affiliate marketers know if you have no list your unlikely to make much money.

If you can offer visitors to your website a free newsletter, eBook or training course, if they sign-up to your list, you should be able to build that list of prospects without too much difficulty.

All the same you have to sell the opt-in as much as you would a product since people are much more cautious of handing over their e-mail addresses.

So ensure you offer something of good value to earn the trust of your prospect and build your trustworthiness.

In the eBook or newsletter you can include or recommend products with which you are affiliated with.

So as an alternative of sending the prospect directly to your affiliate webpage, you send them to your website, where you collect the e-mail addresses; this allows you to follow-up and recommend products and related products which you believe they would be interested in.

As a result you can make multiple sales from one prospect, whereas before you may have made one if you were lucky or merely lost the prospect forever.

Provide good content in your newsletters and eBooks, give honest recommendations on products for your prospects and they are more likely to trust you and buy from you.

To attract potential customers to your website or newsletter you will need to use a combination of organic and paid advertising.

Therefore in order to create the most effective ad for your business, you will need to test different versions of your copy and track the value of where you advertise.

Conduct tests by changing the copy, tweaking the looks, rearranging the layout and testing where you place your ad.

Changing the Copy

Try several different headings for your ad. Just a one word change may have a significant effect on the response rate. Test different versions of your copy to find the most effective wording.


Tweaking the Looks

Change the font style, font sizes, and font colors. Emphasize important words and phrases by placing them in italics, making them bold, changing their color, and highlighting them.

Add a border, a different border color and/ or a different border style.

Try different arrangements of these and find out which blend works best.


Rearranging the Layout

Reorganize the components of your ad to see if it influences the response rate. Add a short testimonial or two to see if that has any effect. Add more than one call to action link.


Testing the Placement

Track and test the response rate for your ad.

An ad in one E-zine may result in 100 clicks while an ad in another may only result in 50.

You will want to know where you get the best response for your advertising dollars.

You will want to track your ads for these four reasons:

  1. To save money.

If you know where you get the best response from, you won’t waste money by advertising on places where you get a meager return.

  1. To capitalize on your profit.

While advertising on one place may bring you a better response than advertising in another, you need to take into account the cost of each ad.

If you get 200 responses from one advertising source but each response costs you $4.00, it may be better to advertise on a place where you get 100 responses that only cost $1.00 each.

  1. To develop your ads.

By testing different versions of your ad, you will find the most effective one.

To obtain a true test of a particular ad, you will need to know how many people were shown your ad, how many people acted on your ad, and the result of that action.

(For example, your ad was shown to 1000 people of whom 100 clicked on your ad link and 2 bought your product.)

  1. To discover what works and what doesn’t.

You will want to know what elements of your ad work and which don’t. You can only find this out by tracking different editions of your ad.

While knowing how many people click on your ad and how many sales you make is important, you will also want to know how much each click and sale actually costs you.

In order to exploit your Return on Investment (ROI) you should examine the following:

  1. How many unique visitors each ad or promotion produces.


  1. The number of sales each ad or promotion generates.


  1. Which ad or promotion generates the most traffic to your website?


  1. The Cost per Click and Cost per Sale of each ad or promotion.


  1. The Click to Sales Ratio which will show you the quality of the traffic you’re getting.


  1. The ROI for each ad or promotion.


In addition you will want to track where your traffic is coming from.

You may get traffic from an e-zine ad, from a forum post and from a banner ad.

One of these sources might bring you a significant amount of traffic while another gets you little or no traffic at all.

By means of tracking every ad and promotion you place, you will find out where to direct your advertising efforts, thus saving you both time and money.

The advantage of using the Ezine advertising is that you would be able to target a group of people in a particular niche quite easily.

This would spread the awareness of the product among the consumers thereby paving the way for increased patronage.

In case you make the perfect choice of the third party vendor, you can ensure that your advertisement reaches the maximum number of interested people.

Simultaneously, you will improve your bottom line as you will no longer be wasting money on ineffective advertising.

For anyone who needs to buy cost-effective advertising and wants to build their email list quickly too.

Ezine advertising is a wonderful format for affiliate marketers and where they can post their particular advertising.

People who subscribe to ezines actually READ those ezines. And they pay close attention to the ads in the ezines and sent to their email.

And because they have ALREADY subscribed to the ezine, they are much more likely to subscribe to your list as well.

This is why ezine advertising works so well for people using squeeze pages and lead magnets.

To find out more about Ezine advertising and its amazing benefits I highly recommend that you learn from the very best in the business.

I have been working online as an affiliate marketer now for over 7 years and I wouldn’t be in the position I am in without this incredible resource.


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