Effective Online Advertising




There are various kinds of online advertising. Some are effective, while others are just annoying. Which kind of online advertisement should you use to drive more traffic to your site and increase your sales?

  • Floating Ads. These advertisements appear on screen and float on the page for five to thirty seconds. Floating ads usually cover the web page and appear every time you refresh the page. The grabbing ability of these ads makes them popular.
  • Floating ads are inevitable and more powerful than sidebar ads or banner ads. They also have a high-clicking rate of around 3%. The main drawback of these ads is that they can annoy visitors.


  • Banner Ads. These are usually 468×60 pixel linked and animated graphics that highlight your service or product that appears on the upper portion of commercial websites. Banner advertisements are typically sold by click-through or cost per thousand views.
  • There are various means to post banner ads. You can pay a banner network to post your banner on different websites or pay a publisher to display your banner. Banner exchange is another way. You can display someone’s banner ad and in exchange, they should display yours.


  • Interstitial Ads. Interstitial advertisements are pages that are inserted in between the present and destination pages. Also known as transition ads, interstitial ads are usually designed to automatically move to the page requested by the user after allowing a sufficient amount time for the ad to be read or for the message to register. The visitors’ reaction to these ads depends on how engaging the message is.


  • Text Ads. Text advertisements appear in text-based hyperlink form. These ads are the best kind of online advertisement as people tend to click more on text advertisements than banner ads. Text ads use catchy phrases to catch people’s attention as they don’t use graphics. The ad doesn’t exceed more than five sentences. This makes people curious and they click on to know more.


  • Unicast Ads. Unicast ads are used a lot and popular today. This advertisement is a television commercial which runs in a pop-up window. It contains audio and video content and can last from ten to thirty seconds.
  • This advertisement has a click-through percentage of five percent, which is equivalent to fifty clicks per 1,000 impressions. Visitors can click on the advertisement for more information, making unicast ads better than television commercials.


  • Sidebar Ads. Sidebar advertisements are placed vertically on the website. The width of these ads can be up to 160 pixels and their height can be up to 600 pixels or more. Also known as skyscraper ads, sidebar advertisements are larger than banner ads and have a click-through percentage of 1%, which is 2 to 3 times than that of banner ads.


These are just some of the online advertising that you can choose from. The type of ad to follow depends on your marketing budget and the kind of business you are running. Your goal is to drive more traffic to your site, grab people’s attention and increase your conversions, so choose the right advertising.

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