Aspects of the Ezine Advertising Strategy

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In this electronic age, the online method of marketing has come to stay. This method includes different ways of marketing such as email marketing, Ezine advertising, etc. There is a basic difference between the email marketing and the Ezine advertising strategy. The difference is that the email marketing strategy concentrates more on quantity whereas the Ezine marketing strategy is more about quality.

Ezine marketing strategy:

In very simple terms, ezines are electronic magazines. People subscribe to ezines. These ezines are available in a variety of niches. People interested in a particular niche would naturally subscribe to the Ezine that caters to their requirement. This could prove advantageous to the business enterprise as well. They could place their advertisements at locations where there would be more chances of people viewing them.

Different kinds of Ezine ads:

The most popular of the Ezine ads is the solo ads. In this category, the business enterprise does not have to content with any other advertisement on the page. He can have the undivided attention of the viewer. However, a business enterprise should take the following precautions before inserting a solo advertisement in an Ezine.

Strategies to follow:

The main problem with solo ads is that the advertisers seem to go on endlessly. The customer would not require all the details at this stage. He always has the option of referring to your official website for details. Therefore, your endeavour should be to entice him to your website as quickly as possible.

You should insert a Call to Action inside the advertisement based on which the customer would automatically get a link to your website. He can find all the information he needs here.

You should be specific in conveying your message across to the customer. The customer also looks for sincerity in the message. Imagining yourself in the customer’s shoes would be the perfect way to write an advertisement. You should look at things from the customer’s angle. In this way, you can ensure that your advertisement will have life and compel the viewer to browse it.

In a solo advertisement, you are free to include as many links as you want to entice your customers to visit your website. Write about the advantages that could accrue to your customer from your product. It is the human psychology to look for benefits of everything in life.

Quality of the Ezines:

Choosing the Ezine is very important for your product. Many Ezine publishers may brag about the high volume of subscribers. However, you should ascertain as to from where did he get this high volume. Did he buy some email list from a marketing campaign? How many of his subscribers are genuine ones? Such questions should come to your mind. You would find out that most of his subscribers would be fake ids or non-existent email ids. Therefore, it is always better to opt for quality over the quantity in any case.  

The Benefits of Ezine Advertising

This is a very competitive world outside. You have to be at your creative best while marketing your products. An effective marketing campaign can bring in the desired results. There are various kinds of marketing campaigns in force today. However, under the present circumstances, the online method of marketing is the most popular and effective as well. Of all the different kinds of online marketing techniques, the Ezine advertising strategy is the most efficient. We shall see the benefits of this strategy for the business entrepreneur.

The concept of the Ezine strategy:

Before going into the benefits of this Ezine strategy, we shall have a brief insight into the Ezine concept. The Ezine is nothing but an electronic magazine or a kind of newsletter. You can distribute the Ezine through the medium of emails. This would prompt people to compare the Ezine advertisement to the email marketing strategy.

There is a simple difference, though. In email marketing, you send the details of your product to all and sundry. However, in the case of Ezine advertising, you cater to a specific niche. This section of people would have opted to receive the promotional emails in that particular niche.

Targeted reach:

You have just seen the concept of the Ezine strategy. By inserting your advertisement in an Ezine, you ensure that the details reach the person who would have an interest in your product. This would make the person peruse the advertisement for details. You can use this opportunity to guide the customer to your official website by inserting a call to action option.

The prospective customer would naturally browse your website searching for more details. This would give you an opportunity to entice the customer and educate him in matters relating to the features of your product. By inserting links at various places, you can take him on a virtual tour of your website where you can market your other products as well. The customer would be genuinely interested in the products and he may end up buying more than a few.

The cost factor:

Contrary to the general perception, the Ezine advertising service would not be expensive. This method of advertising is better than the PPC, banner advertising, and the email marketing strategies. You also have the option of having free Ezine advertising. More than the cost factor, the fact that the ultimate consumer has a look at the campaign is the more attractive feature.

The psychological factor:

The Ezine subscriber takes great pride in being one. By targeting him through Ezine advertising, you would be striking a common chord. This can work out to your advantage.

Where do you find the ezines?

This is a very natural question to ask. You can find many Ezine directories on the internet. By searching for the same over a reputed search engine, you can have access to a number of Ezine advertising directories.

Any strategy requires planning. The advertising strategy is no different. This Ezine strategy should be like any other marketing strategy. You should never lose sight of the main objective, i.e. to make a profit.

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