10 Ezine Advertising Strategies 


advertising strategies


If you’re like most ezine advertisers you wish to generate FAST Sales by sending your message in front of thousands ezine subscribers. 

Some spend hundreds in ezine advertising hoping to generate a BIG profit… but it ends up costing them more than they earn.

Yes, ezine advertising works, but if you really want to WIN the ezine advertising strategies GAME you must take in consideration the strategies below:


  1. What do you plan to advertise?

E.g. an affiliate product, your own product, a course by e-mail, an eBook, etc.

You must know exactly what you want to promote in other Ezines before advertising in them; ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the product related to your target audience?
  • Is the product valuable?
  • Does the seller offer a money-back guarantee?
  • Does the Web Site make you want to purchase the product yourself?
  • Does the Web Sales Letter convert into Sales?


  1. Who is your target audience?

The product you plan to promote in other Ezines must be related to a certain niche (target audience) so don’t make the mistake to think that everyone needs or wants what you promote.

e.g. if your product is related to dog lovers, don’t advertise in Ezines related to cat lovers because you won’t make any sales.


  1. Where to find the ‘BEST’ ezine to advertise in?

The ‘BEST’ ezine to promote a product in is the one targeted to your audience.

The more specific your target audience and the ezine TOPIC, the more sales you could receive.

Also, the ‘BEST’ ezine to advertise in is the one where the publisher has already built TRUST with his/her subscribers and they purchase regularly from their recommendations.


Ezine Advertising List

Here are some advertising strategies with recommended ezine publishers that you may find online:


  • Best Ezines

It features 3, 760 electronic magazines for business, real estate and finance, internet business, health and fitness, computers and technology, home and family, self—help, social sciences and other many different kinds of categories.

This publisher is simply pact with different kinds of information that can be of great help in your daily living that can even affect your way of life thru its helpful tips.


  • The Ezine Directory

It has 1,050 listing of different categories of non-fiction stories. This is highly favorable for readers who are fond of truthful ideas or facts about anything of this world.

Readers will find in this site a variety of helpful information that is necessary in their studies or even work.

Expect that this e-zine publisher will provide up to date information, which is highly reliable that you can even depend on.


  • Jogena’s E-zine Directory

It is a directory for Ezines sorted thru work at home, business, publishing, internet marketing, writing, home and family, computers and technology, personal development, money and finance, spirituality, health, humor, and travel. It also provides directory of eBook as well as article directory.


  • New-List

This features more than 9, 300 Ezines with categories that cover writing, speaking, publishing, entertainment, arts, education, reference, drink, food, fitness, health, self-help, family, home, computers and technology, sports and recreation, social sciences, leisure and travel.


  • List City

It has short listing of Ezines in varied subject that allows consumers of subscribing varied Ezines. This will not give any limitations to every writer who would like to engage submitting articles for this publisher.



These are just some of the many e-zine publishers that you can find in online world that will give you the opportunity of submitting your own article. It will also be an avenue for business enthusiast to promote their marketing strategies or products for the increasing demand of their business.

It may be a great platform for every internet user to obtain different understanding as well as information of a specified field of specialization that can be of great help. Plus, you can find those things in a very accessible manner without utilizing much of your money.  


  1. What’s your BUDGET?

If you only afford $300 to spend on ezine advertising, you don’t want to spend it all on one ezine. Try to invest your money wisely, step-by-step.

Have you seen a publisher claiming their ezine has 90,000+ subscribers and they sell advertising for $25 – $50 or so?

If these offers sound too good to be true, maybe it is!


  1. How many subscribers does the ezine have?

Numbers don’t count, the quality of the ezine CONTENT itself is what makes the difference; if a publisher sends too many ads to their subscribers, I suppose you imagine there are not too happy seeing all those ads.

The more CONTENT and less advertising an ezine has, the better RESULTS you could receive from your advertising.


  1. Who wrote your Ad Copy?

You know exactly the ‘BEST’ ezine to advertise in, how much you want to spend on advertising, but your ad copy is weak … try to improve it yourself or ask a copywriter to rewrite it.

How to make your Ad Copy bring in GREAT results?

  • write an eye-catching headline or no one will read your WHOLE ad copy;
  • use powerful / action words in your headline & ad copy like ‘INSTANT’, ‘FREE’, ‘GET’, ‘CASH’, ‘UNLIMITED’, ‘TURN’, ‘BOOST’, ‘CREATE’, etc.
  • Write your ad copy to promote a FREE offer like a FREE course by e-mail, a FREE eBook or a FREE sample of a product.


  1. Don’t want to track your Ad?

Why not? How will you know that the ezine you advertised in is profitable or not?

Most advertisers don’t track their ads.

Just look in other Ezines and you’ll see their regular Web Site link, no tracking URL available.

A tracking URL will show you how many clicks your ad receives and how many sales it makes from those clicks.


  1. Don’t want to use autoresponders in your Ad Copy?

Autoresponders are one of the SMARTEST advertising strategies and marketing tools you can use, simply because they allow you to follow-up with your leads and send out more promotional offers automatically.

You only write your messages once and then put them on the autoresponder sequences to be delivered at predetermined intervals like 1, 2 or more days. You can even use autoresponders to build your own mailing lists of leads and customers.

Instead of sending prospects to your main Web Site page, direct them to a Web Page where they can GET a FREE course by e-mail. Use this course to educate them and build a relationship with them, gain their trust.


  1. Want to play with ‘SPAM’?

Don’t do it if you are SMART. Search on your favorite search engine for “spam laws + email marketing” and you’ll get a picture of what ‘SPAM’ is and how you can protect yourself!

Make sure you read about the CAN-Spam law if you want to know how to legally send commercial emails.

Also, don’t forget about the FTC laws on e-mail marketing!


  1. What ads are ‘BEST’?

If you want to sell something directly from your ad, try Solo Mailings (one e-mail sent to all subscribers with no other ads in competition!)

If you want to TEST your ad or want to promote a FREE offer, try Classified, Top Sponsor or Bottom Ads.

They are much cheaper than Solos and could bring ‘POOR’ results.

If you invest in Solo Ads, make sure your ad copy is short and to the point, don’t bore your prospect with long ad copy.

There are five distinct steps you must go through with a prospect in order to get them to say yes. Write these on an index card and use them as a checklist each time you make a presentation.


1) Attention

Without your prospect’s full attention, you can’t proceed. Make sure that your prospect pays attention to your selling message, not your graphics or hot color combos. Spinning ducks are cute. Powerful words sell products.

2) Involvement

Once you have their attention, get them involved. Have them do something. Ask them to sign up for your newsletter or take an online survey right from your home page. If they are interested enough to take this step, you’re headed in the right direction.

3) Conviction

They have to be convinced in order to buy. Make sure your words include the FACTS they need to make a logical decision. Prospects buy on emotional impulse but if they can’t defend their purchase with logic you’ll lose the sale.

4) Desire

This is where the art of selling lives. THEY MUST WANT IT. Include strong emotional ‘hooks’ for people to relate to. Tell them exactly what’s in it for them. Remember that people are usually motivated by the promise of gain (making more money) or the fear of loss (act now before the price goes up).

The simple fact is that people will buy on an emotional impulse. They may defend their purchase with logic (especially to their spouse 😉 but they buy things because they WANT to.

5) Close

If you’ve done your job in the four preceding points, closing is a matter of arranging the details. But it is in this step that many sales are lost. Here’s the key to closing the sale.

TELL them exactly what to do next and keep them laser focused on doing that one thing. Do NOT include links to other products or programs on your order page.

Keep their focus on whipping out that credit card and buying now. Make it simple and easy to do.

Now that you know the five steps of a sale, examine your website and selling material to see how you stack up. No matter what you sell, the prospect must complete the steps before they will buy.



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