6 Benefits to an Ezine Advertising Campaign


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Any budding business entrepreneur would tell you that marketing is the most important aspect of any business. Without marketing, it would be very difficult to generate the requisite amount of sales to generate profit. This would defeat the very purpose of doing the business. There are innumerable ways of marketing the business. However, under the present circumstances, the online marketing seems the best way.

When there is talk about online marketing, the email marketing technique should find a mention. Today, the Ezine advertising techniques are the talk of the town. They are the ideal methods of advertising for the new business enterprises.

The younger generation of today would be aware of the word ‘Ezine’. However, for the uninitiated, we shall clarify that the word Ezine represents electronic magazine. The electronic magazines are usually newsletters sent through a mailing list in the form of emails. The ezines come in various niches. The customer can opt for receiving the newsletter in a specific niche of his interests. In this way, these newsletters pass the spam filters and land in the inbox of the customer’s email.

For a business enterprise, advertising the products in these ezines is beneficial in many ways. One of the benefits of the Ezine ads is that the advertisement reaches the customer directly. Since he has opted to receive the emails in this niche, this shows his intentions. The business entrepreneur benefits because this can guarantee a conversion.  

One of the best examples of the Ezine ads is that of the educational consultant inserting his advertisements in the university newsletters. The students usually go through the newsletters in its entirety. They have access to these advertisements inserted by the consultants. Some of the students would naturally respond to the same.

If the same consultant had placed this advertisement in a sporting goods manufacturer niche, it would not have a single conversion. This proves that the selection of a good niche is very important.

The other advantage of availing the Ezine advertising service is that it can reduce the costs of your advertising campaign by a great deal. Otherwise, the business enterprise would have to incur huge costs in the print and display kind of ads.

In the Ezine ad, they can insert a small module that would include a couple of links and a CTA option. That would be enough for the customer to access the official website and obtain whatever information he requires.

The purpose of the advertisement would solely be to drive the traffic to the website. The customer would make his own assessments and come back to you via the CTA option. You have to ensure that you reply promptly. The speed of the response is of utmost importance here.

The business enterprise has the option of inserting a solo ad as well. This solo ad has greater benefits when compared to the normal advertisement. The customer would have an undivided attention in the case of a solo advertisement thereby increasing the chances of conversion into actual sales.     

An effective marketing campaign can spell wonders for any business. The ways of marketing have changed along with the times. The days of the print, as well as the other conventional marketing methods, are all but over. With the spread of the internet all over the world, the business enterprises are gravitating towards the internet marketing techniques.

Email marketing is a very effective tool today. However, email marketing has its pitfalls. This has given rise to a new method of advertising known as Ezine advertising.

The concept in brief:

The email marketing technique has a great disadvantage in the fact that many of the advertisements directly go into the spam mailbox or the recycle bin of the customer. However, customers interested in a particular niche would opt for receiving promotional offers and newsletters in that specific niche. This gives rise to the concept of the Ezines. The Ezines are nothing but electronic magazines sent through a mailing list.

The benefits of an Ezine Advertising Campaign:

The Ezine campaign is an effective method of advertising. There are other benefits as well. We shall see them in brief.

  • The main benefit of the Ezine ads is that they reach the potential customer. Since the customer has opted to receive the newsletters, these emails do not go into the spam folder or the recycle bin. They pass the spam filters as well. The customer goes through the advertisement. There are greater chances of conversion of such leads into actual business.
  • The second benefit is the cost effectiveness of the Ezine campaigns. Contrary to popular perception, these campaigns are not expensive. The charges vary depending on the location of the advertisements. The advertisements that are close to the main content of the page cost more.
  • You have the concept of inserting solo ads as well. These ads would be expensive in comparison. However, they can get the undivided attention of the client for a longer period thereby increasing the chances of conversion.


Points to note:

You should note the following points while placing an Ezine advertisement. Following these simple rules can guarantee success.  

  • The customer usually has a very little attention span. Therefore, your advertisement should concentrate more on the benefits rather than the features of your product.
  • Your advertisement should have a CTA option wherein he would be able to communicate directly with you.
  • The advertisement should include direct links to your website from where he can gather the requisite information about the features of your product.
  • You should also take care while choosing the Ezine publisher. A publisher having a smaller but dedicated base would any day be better than one with a base acquired under dubious circumstances.
  • Having a double opt-in factor is always better than a single opt-in. There would be no spam complaints and hence the deals could have a greater value.
  • You should run your advertisement more than once to get the complete benefits of the advertising campaign.


Following the above-mentioned steps would guarantee quality advertisements. This can result in a better conversion rate.


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